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Eric Axley Driver Swing Analysis

Saturday, July 12th, 2008

Eric Axley Driver Swing Analysis

Eric Axley is one of those lefty PGA tour pros who has a great potential and it looks like he’s tied for the lead at this week’s John Deer Classic.

Let’s take a look at his swing.

At takeaway, Eric gets very inside, which might be a problem if he doesn’t re-route his club but he does on the next position.

At top of his swing, Eric gets back on perfect plane.

At impact, Eric looks pretty good, maybe his head dips a little too much and his left foot could be down a little more.

After impact, Eric is in really good position with his hands and club outside the plane, meaning he swung inside-out.

Finish looks okay, he could stand up little straighter.

In conclusion, Eric Axley has a pretty good swing but could be improved a lot more.  He swings a little too much inside-out as seen on his takeaway and followthrough.  I imagine his misses are to his left under a lot of pressure.

He probably won win this week but watch out for this young man in the future.

Here’s Eric Axley’s Driver swing in action:

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Jeff Overton Iron Swing Analysis

Monday, July 7th, 2008

Jeff Overton Iron Swing Analysis

Jeff Overton is one of those young guys on the PGA Tour who haven’t really proved themselves yet but have a lot of potential to do so.  Let’s look at the young star’s swing.

At address, Jeff sets up with his hands way ahead of his ball, an unusual setup.

At takeaway, Jeff breaks down his wrists early.

At top of his swing, note the position of his head.

Look at how far his head has dipped at half-way down.

At impact, notice that his head has dipped probably around 5-8 inches from his backswing.

After impact, Jeff does pretty good in extending the club.

At finish, Jeff’s left foot AND right foot has slided about 10 degrees to his left, sign that he needs to work on his footing.

Jeff Overton’s swing may not be the worst on tour but he really needs to work on not dipping as much and his footing.

Clearly, this isn’t a swing that can win majors or any PGA tour tournament unless his short game and putting is just like a miracle.

With some swing changes, this young man could really win some tournaments though.  It’s hard to believe even that he made it to the PGA Tour with this swing.

Here’s Jeff Overton’s swing in action:

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Anthony Kim Wins AT&T National 2008!

Sunday, July 6th, 2008

Okay, the headline was a 12-hour pre-prediction that Anthony Kim will win today’s AT&T National.

Currently, Anthony Kim leads the field by 2 at 11-under par.

This young man has a great future ahead of him.  I won’t be surprised if he keeps winning more tournaments this year.

Hurray, go Anthony! :)

Anthony Kim Driver Swing Analysis

Saturday, July 5th, 2008

Okay, today, we will do a “real” swing analysis of Anthony Kim’s swing. (unlike my older post on Anthony Kim’s swing video only)

Now, this young man gas a great swing and might start taking over PGA Tour with multiple wins.

At takeaway, Anthony is a little too much inside. (This is what the “traditional” golf teachers teach you. But don’t be fooled, the follow-through will prove that Anothony “came back” to the right plane to hit the ball, which almost every pro tour golfer does)

At half-way, Anthony is still way too inside but that’s okay as it will get from here on.

At top os his swing, you can see how well his hands, and clubface are in-plane. (The four diagonal lines represent the true plane of the golf swing)

At downswing, Anthony is slightly inside the plane, which is perfectly acceptable.

At impact, notice how his left arms is straight and right arms slightly bent like at address.

Now what impresses me about Anthony Kim’s swing is not his takeaway or backswing but right after impact.

As you can see, his clubface is almost dead-on or slightly outside the plane. This movement is actually the best move. (Players like Ben Hogan and Tiger Woods do this)

After impact, it gets even better as Anthony’s club stays on-plane.

At finish, check out how controlled his right foot is, it’s barely coming up.

What can you learn from Anthony Kim’s swing?

There are many ways to swing the club. Try to focus on getting that club on-plane at the top of your swing and after impact.

Even most tour pros have completely different opinions on how to swing on-plane but their after impact positions will be the same.

Here’s Anthony Kim’s swing in slow-motion (SWING VISION):

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