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Independence Day AT&T National Predictions!

Saturday, July 4th, 2009

As of now, Michael Allen, Cameron Beckman, Anthony Kim, and Tiger Woods are tied for the lead at 9 under total.

Based on golf history and performance, I would have to say Anthony Kim (who is the defending champion) and Tiger Woods both have great chances of winning.

There’s so many great names at the top of the leaderboard this Independence Day weekend, I hope all those guys get to see the fireworks at night.  (which I am sure they will)

As for me, I will be taking a break and start a barbeque, cook up some nice tri-tip steaks, teriyaki chicken, and more goodies.

Okay, my final prediction – Tiger Woods or Anthony Kim, although I think Tiger might have an edge this weekend.  We will have to see and find out if those two end up in the final group tomorrow.  If that’s the case, Anthony Kim will have to psych out Tiger Woods for the trophy or the other way around.

Either way, I am glad two of my favorite players are at the top.

Johnny Miller – “looks like the guy who cleans Tiger’s swimming pool.”

Tuesday, June 24th, 2008

Ooops, looks like Johnny Miller got in trouble for saying that Rocco Mediate looks like the guy who cleans Tiger’s swimming pool.

I was watching the whole thing and I don’t think it was meant to be rude, Johnny was actually rooting for Rocco Mediate and I was about to shoot the TV because of that.

Well, Johnny was wrong though, Rocco doesn’t clean anyone’s swimming pool, maybe just his clubs.

As Mediate held a one stroke lead over Tiger during the fourth round last Sunday, Miller said he “looks like the guy who cleans Tiger’s swimming pool.” He also said, “Guys with the name ‘Rocco’ don’t get on the trophy, do they?”