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Today’s Swing Keys Video by Junger Woods

Friday, November 23rd, 2007

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Here’s the swing keys for today on video:

1. Really feel the shoulders and large muscles do the work on your backswing. What do I mean? You can only feel this is your grip is very very light. In other words, grip light and try to feel your left shoulder turn on the backswing.

2. On the downswing, really try to feel that your stomach is controlling the arms and the hands.

P.S. I didn’t hit a good shot on the video but that doesn’t mean this isn’t a good swing key. So go ahead and try it next time you are on the range, not on the course.

On the course, you should play to score, never try to fix your swing on the golf course. If you are hitting it left consistently on the course, don’t fix your swing, simply aim more right. This might be the best lesson for today.

Swing Keys on My PING Bag

Wednesday, September 12th, 2007

My Bag1

Remember I said I wrote down 3 swing keys the other day when I hit the ball so great? Well above is the picture of it.

My Bag12

Well, I had an even better ball striking day so I had to add two more keys which are:

4. Longer Followthrough – meaning as long as your followthrough is longer than your backswing, you won’t de-accelerate and have any of those shanky problems.

5. Rhythm – meaning you need a smooth flowing swing. Think of Freddy Couple’s swing before you hit your shot.

I am ready to try out for the mini-tours again!  My swing looks bad but I can hit it where I need to score.