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Swing Tips – Swing at your target, not the ball!

Wednesday, June 18th, 2008

Swing Tips - Swing at your target, not the ball!

Today, I had a chance to video tape the person behind me accidently. Here’s how he could be hitting the ball better.

As you can see in the above picture, his left arm and left hand breaks down after impact. This is a very no-no if you want to hit the ball straight and long.

Now the reason behind that a lot of golfer break down their arms after impact is because they are trying to hit the ball.

How to fix the problem?

It’s easy. Don’t try to hit the ball, try to swing through the ball at your target.

I actually try to hit the target with both of my arms, imagining the target in my mind, never the ball. The ball always comes in the way of the swing.

Swing Tips - Swing at your target, not the ball!

As you can see, my after impact position shows that both of my arms are fully extended after impact. This is the position you want to strive to.

Also note the yellow line and see how straight the point between my right elbow and the club? (That’s the secret. A full release means that even your wrists straighten out near and after impact. The wrists release upwards, not toward the target, this is something a lot of teachers and players do not tell you.)

Mind you, my swing isn’t perfect my any means but I am only pointing out the good parts. (and yes this 2-iron did go straight about 230 yards so I can’t complain)

Today’s Swing Thoughts

I really felt that my hands were soft throughout my swing, meaning I felt like swinging real easy.

To get this feeling, try to maintain the same amount of grip pressure during your whole swing, whether you grip it at level 2 or level 5.

I also really felt like really swinging through the “after-impact” position shown above. That’s actually my swing thought, the image of both of my arms fully extended and released after impact. The lower body must support your upper body so don’t forget the lower body action either.

Now here’s the video in action.

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Justin Leonard Driver Swing Analysis

Sunday, June 8th, 2008

Justin Leonard has a great swing, let’s look at them in action.


HOWTO hit a golf ball with a cigarette in your mouth!

Monday, December 17th, 2007

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Here’s a simple howto for hitting the golf ball with a cigarette in your mouth.

What does this do for your swing?

Basically, it allows you to balance your swing. If you are not in balance, you will most likely lose the cigarette during your swing.

Famous golfer, Ben Hogan used to do this in practice AND in competition.

You can swap a golf pencil or anything similar if you don’t smoke cigarettes. But cigarettes work the best since they can be easily broken.

Today’s Swing Keys Video by Junger Woods

Friday, November 23rd, 2007

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Here’s the swing keys for today on video:

1. Really feel the shoulders and large muscles do the work on your backswing. What do I mean? You can only feel this is your grip is very very light. In other words, grip light and try to feel your left shoulder turn on the backswing.

2. On the downswing, really try to feel that your stomach is controlling the arms and the hands.

P.S. I didn’t hit a good shot on the video but that doesn’t mean this isn’t a good swing key. So go ahead and try it next time you are on the range, not on the course.

On the course, you should play to score, never try to fix your swing on the golf course. If you are hitting it left consistently on the course, don’t fix your swing, simply aim more right. This might be the best lesson for today.

Today’s Swing Keys

Tuesday, October 30th, 2007

Today, I hit the ball like crazy. I mean, I hit the ball so good, it was like cheese melting in my mouth. I hit the ball so good maybe it was even better than sex.

Anyways, here’s my swing thoughts for the day:

On the backswing, really feel the large muscles of your shoulders turn automatically since your hand pressure is so light.

On the downswing, try to really get your shoulders and belly to turn in sync and swing slightly inside out while trying to hold your body straight.


Try this for beginners:

1. Grip the club very light.

2. Feel your large muscles turning on the backswing.

3. Feel like you are holding a basketball and doing a two handed pass on the downswing.

4. Move your lower body and belly at the same speed as your shoulders.

5. Use your lower body and shoulders to hit the ball, not arms or hands.

P.S. One more thang…rhythm…rhythm…rhythm…

Sand Trick Shot

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2007

Sand Trick Shot

Check out this trick shot you can play from your knees when your ball is close to the bunker lip and it’s hard for you to balance yourself. I haven’t tried this but it does “seem” like a good sand trick shot.

Your knees and shins give you plenty of ground support, so don’t be afraid to make an aggressive swing (flare both feet out for an even wider base). Keep your rear end and your back straight, and try to hold this position as you swing the club back and through. Don’t pick the club up — get your shoulders moving as well as your arms.

The biggest mistake you can make is bending over too much. That makes it easy to lose your balance. Use your butt as ballast to keep your posture tall and your swing in control.


How to catch the golf ball after you hit it by David Toms

Monday, October 8th, 2007

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I believe this is David Toms (from the mannerisms) actually missing a golf ball after hitting it. (on purpose of course)


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HOWTO Catch a golf ball after you hit it

Seven Habits Of Highly Effective Golfers

Thursday, September 27th, 2007

No, this isn’t 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey. Although I read that book and honestly I think it’s bunch of crap but don’t shoot me for my opinions. We can settle it on the golf course. Well I take it a back, I own both Stephen Covey’s book and tapes so I am at the same time a fan. (But it has not helped my life, at least not yet)

The only book that has really helped my life (my swing) are… well… let me get into that next time, the list is like more than 100 books so…

Anyways, Mike Pedersen, has a new blog! (Or I think he just added one to his site)

Congrats for making a blog, I am sure you will starting gettin’ Google keywords like crazy. If you want to show up first on Google, you know where to go.

Here’s the highly waited 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Mike Pederson:

1. Focus on golf fundamentals. Effective and successful golfers have solid fundamentals. Grip, stance, posture. These are critical before you even start your golf swing. If these are not solid, your chances of conistently hitting a good shot are far less.

2. Smart Practice. Successful golfers don’t go to the range without an agenda. They have a specific purpose for each practice session. It might be working on a consistent take-away for the entire practice. It could be spending a large amount of time doing a drill for their swing fault. It could be broken down to set time periods with each range of clubs.

3. Physical preparation. If you’ve been reading this blog at all, or maybe you have my golf fitness products already, you know how strong I feel about this. If I had my druthers, it would be at the top of the list :roll: ! But we can’t be partial can we :wink: . The best golfers focus on their physical weaknesses and make them strengths. Most amateurs don’t! They also work on their bodies specific to golf consistently.

4. Mental training. Most of the touring pros have their very own mental golf coach. They know how critical it is to maintain focus and composure for 4 straight days. Just a few slip ups and they miss a cut and make no money. Do you work on your mental game? What do you do currently to keep your focus on the course and for every shot?

5. Nutrition for prolonged energy. This one could be in the physcial preparation one, but I think it warrant its very own one. You get out of your body what you put in it. If you put low octane fuel in it, you’ll get the results of an AMC Pacer (remember those clunkers?). If you put the fuel of a ferrari, you’ll get stealth results, meaning personal best scores and even trophies from your local club tournaments.

6. Goal setting. Like in any endeavor, if you don’t set goals you have nothing to shoot for. You need to have a goal that really makes you reach! Not just lower your handicap by 2 strokes, but how about by 5 within one golf season? You can set goals for one round of golf, a tournament and for the entire season. Write them down and plot a plan to achieve them. The successful golfers sets goals for every round, tournament and season he/she plays in, and evaluates progress conistently.

7. Golf swing analysis. I added this one as I truly feel if you get your golf swing on video early on when you pick up the game, you’re givin yourself a true starting point and a phenomenal diagnositc evaluation on what you should really focus on to improve from the very beginning. Seeing yourself on video is such an eye-opener. Most of the pros use video for every practice session with their teachers.

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Annika Sorenstam’s Swing – The Stand Up Swing

Saturday, September 22nd, 2007

Annika Sorenstam’s Swing

Apart from the Men’s Golf, Annika Sorenstam probably has the best swing in golf. The above animated gif is a favorite among mine that’s floating on the internet.

Click below for the full swing analysis of Annika Sorenstam and a HOWTO drill for copying her “stand-up-head-up” downswing.


Golf Tip – How To Master Every Shot You Make On The Golf Course

Tuesday, September 18th, 2007

Before you can go out to the golf course, you should know exactly how far you hit the ball with each club in your bag under normal weather. (Such as 70 degrees fahrenheit)

If you do know, then you can expect your ball to fly a little bit further or less depending on the weather conditions.

Remember, in the cold weather, the ball will not fly as far and in hot weather, the ball will fly further.

Another thing is that in the cold weather, your ball will not stop as quickly on the greens while your ball will stop a lot more quickly in warm or hot weather.

But again, you need to know the exact yardage for each shot that you know how to hit whether that be a 1/2 swing sand wedge or full driver.

Even though specific clubs are designed for long shots and other clubs were made for shorter ones, the distance that different players can hit the very same club will vary tremendously. This is why so many beginner golfers do not get the results they want from a club that is supposed to hit the ball in a certain way.

The best way to learn specifically what you can accomplish with each is to find a large field that is big enough to handle the travel distance of your longest drive. Make sure that there are no windy conditions that day, and of course be positive that the field is empty for obvious safety reasons.

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