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How to Practice Golf!

Thursday, January 27th, 2011

Today was one of my better practice sessions at my local golf range.   For the first time in 3 years, I paid $5/30 minutes to practice my short game first.  Yes, in San Francisco, you have to usually pay to practice on the greens or your short game.

Anyways, I am sure many of you are city slickers like me trying to wing away your short game while you play on the golf course.  Don’t DO THAT, that will be one of the major reasons why your score never improves.

When I used to live with my parents, it was all FREE, I mean I used to practice my putting, chipping, sand shots, and my pitching shots for FREE at their local country club.   And yes, it’s not been like that anymore but no matter whether you have to pay or not, you NEED to practice your short game at least half the time.

So what?

If you want to lower your golf scores, you need to hit the practice green more often than hitting your irons or driver on the range.  I know, it’s fun, it’s fun to hit that 350 yard drive over the driving range fence or stick a 4-iron 200-yard sniper on the sign itself but in reality, it boils down to your short game.

The only person who might have gotten away without a short game in history of golf?

Maybe Ben Hogan, at his best, he hit like all the greens in regulations.  But trust me, no one can beat Ben Hogan, that is why he is a golfing legend.

The bottom line is, you can be better simply by being better around the greens.  And how many times can I tell you that game of golf is played with the putter and the wedge?   Too many, watch out for more blog posts titled, “how to practice golf” and more words on why you need to practice your short game.

And oh yeah, finally getting back into golf, I haven’t touched a golf club since last August I think, but I will be playing some events this year finally.

Camilo Villegas Wins the Tour Championships!

Sunday, September 28th, 2008

Camilo Villegas wins the Tour Championships to finish the 2008 PGA Tour in style.  What seemed like a bad bogey on 16th hole was recovered with a remarkable birdie on the 17th hole by Camilo.

That makes it 2 wins in the last 2 starts, the last time that someone won 2 consecutive tournaments was over 10 years ago.

What makes it interesting is that Camilo was able to beat all the best players in the world with his A+ game on Sunday yet again.

I feel very sorry for Sergio Garcia, who I believe has more talent but talent and luck must come together on the last day for someone to win.

Make sure to check out our swing analysis on Camilo Villegas too.

Vijay Singh and Sergio Garcia battle it out at the Barclays FedEx Cup Playoff!

Monday, August 25th, 2008

Vijay Singh wins the FedEx Cup at Barclays by beating Sergio Garcia in a playoff.

He does it in style by making two consecutive birdies at hole 18 and 17 while Sergio Garcia makes one birdie but comes up short on number 17 with an errant drive and errant lay-up shot while Vijay is on the green in two.

I think it was a great finish by both players although I would have loved it if Sergio Garcia came through.

Unfortunately, Sergio Garcia seemed to have got the worst of luck this year, losing almost every tournament that he should have won.

Congratulations to both Vijay and Sergio, you guys both deserve some loud round of applause.

Seve Ballesteros Iron Swing Analysis

Wednesday, July 9th, 2008

Seve Ballesteros Iron Swing Analysis

Seve Ballesteros is probably the best all-time Spanish golfer until Sergio Garcia proves otherwise.

At his peak, Seve won everything.  At his downfall, Seve couldn’t even make cuts.

But the point is that he was one of the greatest golfers with one of the most creative imaginations.

It’s when he tried to perfect his swing that he got into trouble.

(If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!)

Now, if you carefully, Seve uses a “forward-press” by moving his weight forward before he begins.  This is actually a pretty good idea but not that many tour pros are using it lately.

At the top of Seve’s swing, he looks pretty good with his weight transferred to the right side.

After impact, Seve does a real good job of transferring weight to back to the left.

What Seve did good was not hit great perfect tee shots.  Actually, he hit them all over the place.

Seve was really good at hitting trouble shots out of the rough, tree, and etc…etc…

If he kept that going, he might have won 10 more majors but the swing mechanic bug hit him hard.

Here’s Seve Ballesteros Iron Swing at 1986 Masters:

Click Here to View in Full Screen Mode

Click Here to View in Full Screen Mode

Swing Secrets Revealed – After Impact Positions of Top Tour Pros

Tuesday, June 24th, 2008

Justin Leonard

After impact positions of various different pro tour players will look very similar.  On this post, I will simply let you guess what they did right by looking at them.

The answer (or the secret) is in the pictures.  It’s been there for last 100 years or so.

Mickey Wright

Ben Hogan

Adam Baddeley

Phil Mickelson

Sergio Garcia in Slow Motion and Black and White

Sergio Garcia

Swing Analysis of Sergio Garcia!

Monday, May 12th, 2008

Here’s a front-view of Sergio Garcia’s Swing in slow-motion:

Click Here to View in Full Screen Mode

Sergio probably has one of the biggest “lags” out all the top players today.

Now, he probably comes as close to Ben Hogan’s “lag”.

Is lag a good thing?

Well, “lag”, I think is overrated. It’s the egg, not the chicken. In other words, you shouldn’t have to try to create “lag”. These players such as Sergio Garcia and Ben Hogan, didn’t try to do that.

They ended up doing that naturally while trying to hit the ball square in the middle of the clubface.

Even if you look at Tiger’s swing, he does have some lag, but too much “lag” can actually hinder your golf performance and you need fine hand control to be able to play consistently with “lag”.

“Lag”, however, is great for really squeezing every bit of your wrist power efficiency. Now, this is for the top golfers or scratch golfers. If you still can’t break par, you should really stick to simpler ideas.

Sergio Garcia Iron practice at the range:

Click Here to View in Full Screen Mode

What you need is really to practice lots and lots of short pitch shots as Sergio Garcia is doing here.  Most good pro tour players will actually hit over 75% of their practice shots for shots within 100 yards.


Well, this is the worst-kept secret on the Tour that no average Joe will ever listen to.  When you hit the smaller shots, you swing in tempo and in control.

Now, once you are swinging in good tempo and control, you can carry that to your longer clubs such as the driver.  (It’s never the other way around, even John Daly will tell you so…)

Don’t believe me?

Lol, well if you are ever in San Francisco, we can play for some money and I can show you how to take someone’s money.

Sergio Garcia Wins the 2008 Players Championship!

Sunday, May 11th, 2008

Sergio Garcia Wins the 2008 Players Championship!

Just in, Sergio Garcia wins the 2008 Players Championship.  Remember my 2 predictions? Well, maybe I got lucky or not but it’s easy to tell that a veteran will always win over an event like this.

Paul Goydos is a veteran too but Sergio Garcia has definitely proven himself as “one of the elite” players who can dig down at the heat of competition.

Kudos to the Spaniard for another win for your fan! :)

Tomorrow, we will do a swing analysis on the champion Sergio Garcia so make sure to subscribe to the blog! :)

Paul Goydos in the Lead at the Players Championship!

Sunday, May 11th, 2008

Well, my predictions were a little off for today as Paul Goydos took the lead, Anthony Kim fell way back with a 79, but Sergio Garcia is still in there.

My bet still goes to Sergio Garcia, let’s see what happens tomorrow.

FYI, Anthony Kim still leads in driving distance for the week.  That might be his culprit, maybe trying to hit too hard.

In the meanwhile, Paul Goydos leads in putts, which is probably what it takes for a tournament like this.

Too bad again, Tiger wasn’t there to mess up the scores…

Check out leaderboard at

Round 2 of The Players Championship!

Friday, May 9th, 2008

Round 2 of The Players Championship!

Kenny Perry is at the top of the leaderboard with -6 total score while Bernard Langer, Paul Goydos, and Sergio Garcia tied for second at -5.

Anthony Kim, the young Korean American, is at -2, at sole 5th place.

With Tiger Woods not in the game this week, it’s hard to tell who will win as everyone’s a winner.

My bet goes to the youngsters Sergio Garcia or Anthony Kim.

According to Mark O’Meara, golfer with one of the nicest swings in PGA Tour, says Anthony Kim has much better swing than Tiger.

Now, if he’s game is as good as his swing this week, he should be able to win, that is if he can beat Sergio.

Check out the full leaderboard at

Golf TV – The Players Championship @ TPC Sawgrass

Thursday, May 8th, 2008

Sergio Garcia is at lead after the first round today of 66.

Sergio makes 7 birdies, 1 bogey, and rest pars.

In the meanwhile, Tiger is going through an arthroscopic surgery on his left knee until May 15th, meaning he might be out for awhile.

Who do you think will win this year’s player’s championship?

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