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Why 99% of Pro Golfers FAIL to Make it to the PGA Tour!

Thursday, November 12th, 2009

During my year-long stint as a mini-tour golfer, I’ve came to realize many things including the reason why 99% of pro golfers out there FAIL to make it to the PGA Tour.

Here’s the top reasons:

1. They run out of money.

2. They don’t have financial back-up to go for a long time.

3. They simply don’t have the talent.

Well, my top 2 reasons are probably the #1 reason why not all of the Top 10 college golf players never even see a day playing at the PGA Tour.  Of course, the lucky ones will have all the money in the world but simply lack the talent to make it to the PGA Tour.  (For example, they try out the PGA Qualifying school and fail 10 years straight.)

For those who have tried and failed, my advice is to move on with better things in life.  As great as life of a pro golfer looks on TV, what you see is only a share of world’s best talent in my opinion.  I have seen many great golfers including amateurs and pros that never make it simply they get caught up with life, that of making a living.

To make a living as a mini-tour golfer, you must practically finish somewhere the Top 30, it doesn’t matter which mini tour you play including Canadian Tour, Hooters Tour, Nationwide Tour, and etc…etc…

So, where do these 99% of others go?  They simply lose desire to play pro golf or get caught up making a living.

If you have kids who want to grow up to be pros on the PGA or LPGA tour, they better have good financial backup.

On average, you probably need at least $50,000 a year just in expenses for golf equipment, practice/playing fees, and competition entry fees.

Pro competition fees can be pretty hefty and unless you make hundred grand from your day job, I don’t think there’s a way for you to play pro golf competitively.

So what?

Just realize that if you are going to play pro golf, you should have a smart financial plan so you can keep going even if your scores don’t make you money.

It’s a whole different ball game than being an amateur because your life is basically on the line.  How well you play determines whether you will eat bread the next day or not.

As for me, I broke my finger and also ran out of money only a year into my mini-tour stint.  I didn’t realize how much money I needed until I started making money with pro golf.

Luckily, after 6 years of jumbling my life and starting my own online blogging business, I am glad I can slowly start back at my dreams again, that of playing competitively with the top pros in the world.

Don’t get me wrong, the pros on the PGA Tour are probably the best of the crop but playing on the PGA Tour is a lot easier if you can keep trying and you have some sponsors to back you up. (and also time to practice/play everyday)

And don’t forget, some even make it to the PGA Tour, win a couple tournaments, then fall into thin air.

That’s simply golf, it’s not so predictable, even if you are the best in the world.

I just wonder, whatever happened to some of those golfers I used to know who were so good? Well, they’ve moved on.  I am not.  Ricky Barnes is one of those who made it btw and I hope Joel Kribel does well soon too, they both got a ton of talent.

Golf Tip – How To Eat Right While Playing Golf!

Thursday, July 30th, 2009

This is sorta important what, “what you eat, what you become.”

It’s true.  In golf, you need to eat right while playing golf because it’s going to seriously affect how well you play, especially when under the gun such as tournament pressure or even skins game.

First of all, do NOT eat a full meal right before you tee off.   That will most likely cause you to be a little bloated and will certainly take couple holes before your stomach digests all the food.  By then, you probably have lost couple strokes you could have saved by not eating so much.

On the bright side, you can eat a lot of healthy snacks while playing golf such as banana or any type of “fruits” that contain natural sugar.  Try to stay away from coffee or anything with too much sugar as you can get “high” off the caffeine and sugar.

Watch the best pro golfers play on TV, rarely do you see them eating a snickers bar but they will be eating a lot of bananas.

I’ve probably read 10 golf books already on tournament golf nutrition and they all pretty much say the same things, eat lots of fruit that will keep your mental state level.

Now these are advices for people who want to score better on the golf course, if you do not care about playing your best,  you can ignore my advice.

What about the meal the night before a big tournament?

I have gone through many of these myself, I try to stick with high-carb meals as they can help you the next day.

My favorite meal is actually spaghetti, eating a lot of spaghetti the night before can surely help you the next day to keep going longer.

Lastly, don’t forget to drink LOTS of water while playing golf, especially if it’s a sunny day.

I have personally experienced “cramps” during a the high school state tournament before, that was simply due to not drinking enough water and eating bananas.  Bananas can help prevent cramps on a hot day because they contain potassium.  Take my advice and make sure to pack your golf bag with enough water and bananas for your next important golf tournament.

Nick Price Driver Swing Analysis

Saturday, June 21st, 2008

Nick Price Driver Swing Analysis

I remember seeing Nick Price for the first time on TV, his hair used to stick up all the time a lot more than most other tour pros.  Anyways, I have always been a big fan of Nick Price since the 90s, let’s look at how his swing is.

Btw, he’s a student of David Leadbetter, so he swings on the yellow plane. (We will have to term the yellow plane swingers as 90s swingers.  I also have been guilty of practicing the yellow plane for about 10 years of my life but that’s the 90s, let’s focus on the true swing plane here)

At halfway back, Nick does the perfect match with the yellow plane.  I’d rather see him more outside near the red plane.

At the top, Nick does get back on to the plane.

Surprisingly, Nick does come back to the yellow plane before impact.  This is actually harder to do and its only because Nick’s really good at it.  Most tour pros would come down the red plane line.

At impact, Nick is somewhat neat the red plane.

Now, a lot of pro golfers and teachers still rely on the 2-plane swing, which is combination of the yellow and the red plane.  This is too confusing and there’s too many moving parts.

If you want to swing on 1-plane swing like Tiger or Moe Norman, you will need to concentrate on getting your clubhead on one plane only.

Junger Woods Swing Analysis

Friday, May 23rd, 2008

Well, while analyzing swings of the great pro golfers, I got the desire today to go out to the range for the first time in weeks.

I hit the ball great and here’s why.

As you can see in the address, the shoulders  are parallel to my target line and my clubface is about 8 degrees open to hit a power fade. (My video camera is a little off…)

My stance is closed, which is a natural habit I get into but I should really open up more.

At 1/2 way point, My club is in perfect plane from the ball through the middle of my right shoulder socket. This is the the plane Tiger Woods follow and me three.

At top of my swing, the butt end of my club shows that I am still in plane. I also have a very good triangle going, which is good. The only bad part about this backswing is that I just finished working out before hitting balls so my muscles are too tight. Tightness is not good for golf but oh well…

On the downswing, I dip my head a little, which is my bad habit and I am also slightly inside of the plane. (probably because of my slightly closed stance)

At impact, I hit the 3 wood perfect. It makes thing really big “ping” sound.

My shoulders are about parallel to my target line.

My clubface is actually open and I am trying to hit a power fade here.

My followthrough is slightly flat. Meaning I came over the ball a little. This is partly due to my slightly closed stance.

I might block the ball 1 out of 10 balls or pull it because of the closed stance.

If I opened my stance, most of my problems would probably be solved.

Oh well, next time I get to go hit balls, I will probably have “other” problems but yes alignment is probably the most important. You have wrong alignment at the beginning of your swing and you can have all kinds of problems.

Overall, I hit the ball great today. I feel like I can try out for the PGA Tour the way I hit the balls today.

Well, even with the closed stance and my bad swing habits, I hit a lot of good shots at my target. Well, good scores are about good short game mostly anyways.

What is my long term goal?

Well, it has always been to play pro golf. Now, I make money online to feed my family and make a living. Once I can get that going faster, I might have more time to practice and eventually start playing in some mini-tour events again.

Will it happen?

Of course, my dreams never die. That’s probably why I made this blog. Once I can build up my blogging business to about $20K per month, I should be able to spend more time golfing and of course, blogging more often on here too.

Here’s a video of the 3 wood power fade I hit just perfectly about 270 yards:

Click Here to View in Full Screen Mode

Don’t blame me if my swing sucks right now, I go to the range about once a month.

Swing Analysis of John Daly!

Thursday, May 15th, 2008

Click Here to View in Full Screen Mode


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(Iron Shots)

John Daly has been one of my favorite golfers of all time. Although he may do outrageous things like getting too drunk, that’s not my concern and his still my hero for being one of the most unique golfers in history.

What most people to realize is that John Daly does not “Grip and Rip”, he actually has one of the best rhythms out of all the pro golfers. The “Grip and Rip” really refers to really going up to the ball and emptying his mind.

Even if you look at his driver swings carefully, you will realize how great his overall swing rhythm is. It’s probably as almost as good as Freddy Couples, but it’s hard to see due to his long backswing.

I even read John’s Grip and Rip It, it’s a great book in which he discusses the details of how he plays golf.

What to learn from John Daly?

Well, he does use a “trigger” type grip in which his right index finger is gripping the club like holding a gun trigger. Btw, . Greg Norman use to touch his index finger with his thumb. (I think he still does…)

Both these methods are trivial to the onlooker but they do great job of keeping your right hand out of your swing. You can experiment and see if it works for you as I have used it before with good success as I tend to use my right hand too much too.


Tuesday, September 4th, 2007

Hi there, my name is Max.

Welcome to

As a former pro golfer playing in various mini-tour tournaments and other stints as a Pro golfer, I’d like to share what I have learned from other Pro golfers and famous teachers such as Tiger’s old coach, Butch Harmon who was my last golf coach.

Why am I not on the PGA Tour yet?

Well, I broke my finger and I ran out of funding and money to keep going as a pro and dove into the corporate world, wasting my youth and energy to make a living. My finger injury lasted almost 2+ years before I could play normal golf again.

Now, I am on my own at least, making money with blogs. My next goal is to make enough money so I can support my pro-tour challenge. I am currently getting ready to play some mini-tour events and Nationwide Tour Monday Qualifyings for 2012. I know it’s going to take me couple years to get to the PGA, but I thought I’d make a blog and tell you about my journeys there.

I will be doing swing analysis of pro golfers and also critiquing my own golf swing. By simply reading my golf analysis, you will learn everything I have learned from various pro golfers and teachers.

Why don’t you become a teaching professional?

Well, I don’t want to end up as a golf teacher. My goal has been always to “play” competitive golf and nothing else. Heck, I do teach golf right here, on my blog. That’s the least I can do to give back the 19 years of golf experience that I have.

My tips are genuine, from an actual mini-tour golfer, and Top 10 ’97 High School Californian golfer (or at least I was 10th in all California in high school), me, Max Lee.  Your golf swing will improve more because my tips are personal and they work!

See my best golf tips.

You can find me at San Bruno driving range off 280 if you are in SF Bay Area, maybe we can hit up a chat.

Can you do any trick shots?

Yes, I actually do hold the world record for most shots hit with 1 golf ball.

Here’s the video on YouTube:

Click Here to View in Full Screen Mode

See this post for HOWTO do this.

Here’s the updated version where I hit the ball again while its in mid-air:


What’s your handicap?

Well, I haven’t had that much time to play lately since I have to make a living in front of my PC but I will shoot anywhere near par whenever I go out.  (+1-3 handicap…)  My lowest score is a 64 so far, which isn’t great by pro tour standards but yes, I will take most people’s money when we bet for skins.  My goal is to shoot 4-6 under consistently on any course I play, which is something most pro tours can do.

Do you have any swing tips?

You can check out some of my best swing tips here.

Will reading your blog help my golf game?

Here’s a comment from one of my long-time readers that proves you can get better at golf by reading my golf tips:

“Max, I had been studying Hogan’s swing on my own for the last few years. But not until I came across your website did I put all the pieces together. Thank you so much for giving back. I am hitting the ball straight with plenty of power and enjoying ever minute of golf. J.G.”

Thanks, J.G., that means everything to me, I will keep working harder and try to give you guys the best golf tips in the world.

I have a question?

Do you have a question on how to hit a certain golf shot or perhaps your golf swing?

Shoot me an e-mail at pro [at] and I will answer your question on my blog.

Also, if you want free swing analysis, upload your swing on YouTube and send me the link! (I will do a complete analysis on my blog too.)

I also write a tech blog over at, so check that out too!