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Frustrated with Golf? Golf Is Not for Perfectionists!

Wednesday, May 4th, 2011

Frustrated with your golf game, golf swing, or even your golf scores?

Don’t worry, when you play too much golf, this can happen to you but it’s only a sign that your golf game is improving.


Most golfers get into this cycle: Play golf -> Play more golf -> Score Better -> Play more golf -> Suddenly you score way worse because your expectations go up.

The more you play golf, you mind naturally “thinks” you are a better golfer and those golf shots you used to suck on, now you hit it way better and can’t expect any worse even if the world turned upside down.

Because you are actually a “better” golfer, you expect more from yourself.  In other words, you become more of a “perfectionist” where you have to hit perfect golf shots.

And this all leads to frustrations and lower golf scores.

Sometimes, you need to really sit back and look at how you’ve been improving at golf and only think of positive things you’ve done.

I tell you this because this actually happened to me yesterday.  Right after it stopped raining here in California and spring hit, I went to the range with a mindset like, “Oh right, I am gonna starting playing more golf now, I am so happy to be alive and hitting golf balls!”.  And yesterday, my golf mindset was like, “damn it, I missed 5 yards left of my target!”

But I do think it over and I think I am getting better and shouldn’t think like that.

So, if you are frustrated with golf, it’s all in your mind.  Go back to the last day you played golf that made you happy and golf was fun just because you were on the golf course or simply playing golf.

Thinking in perspective can help frustrated golfers (and me).