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My New Golf Swing(Grip)!

Wednesday, November 25th, 2009

Oops, well, I am hitting the ball awfully well now, better than ever by actually doing something completely different from traditional golf theories.

For one, now I am using a super weak grip where my right hand shows almost 3 knuckles with my V pointing to beyond my left shoulder.  (My shoulders are still square parallel to my target line though and my left hand grip is still neutral.)

While hitting golf balls, I realized that I hit some really solid shots without myself knowing my right hand was super weak.  Needless to say, I tried it out this right hand grip “consciously” and the result was fascinating, I could hit a 200-yard target over and over effortlessly within couple feet of each other.

Greg Norman even has a golf grip aid for taking the right hand out of the swing, I figured why not just weaken it completely useless?

What I found out is that my release of the golf club near the impact is more consistent and I never overpower with my right hand like I used to.

There was actually one time where I had a right hand grip with the thumb touching the index finger to render my right hand useless during impact.  (that works well too by the way except a bit loose)  I simply have a better one now that is secure while letting me hit super-duper consistent shots.

Plus, my swing has been getting flatter than ever but I feel that I have found new source of power through my new golf swing by being able to leverage my body more. (with a flatter swing)

I should have an update with detailed instructions/photos on how to accomplish this swing soon (if you want to try it out).

I think what the golfing world is missing is the ideas of “customization” and “creativity”.  If you swung like everyone else, you probably won’t do better than everyone else.

So, I am here to make a new golf swing (or I did), let me share it with ya soon!

One thing I’ve noticed is that my tendency to “hook” so badly has gone away completely every since my super-weak right hand grip change.  Plus, now my swing feels easy, I feel more natural, less thinking and more solid shots.

And oh yeah, Happy Thanksgiving!  Don’t forget to hit some golf balls b4 you eat some turkey, duh!