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Robert Allenby Driver Swing Analysis

Tuesday, July 8th, 2008

Robert Allenby is one of those guys who don’t win often but ALWAYS finishes up at Top 10 at most PGA tournaments.

Let’s look at the Aussie’s swing.

At address, Robert looks pretty good with a textbook setup.

At takeaway, Robert is in perfect plane.

At half-way, Robert goes slightly upright but it’s okay.

At top os Robert’s swing, he is slightly upright again but it’s acceptable.

Half-way down, Robert is poised nicely for an inside-out hit.

At impact, Robert looks perfect.  I love this position where hips and shoulders are just slightly open while the left arm and the club are very straight with the right elbow bent slightly.

After impact, Robert’s club is on perfect plane, standing very tall.  All great stuff, no wonder this guy’s always on the leaderboard.

Finish looks great.  Now, Robert Allenby’s swing really reminds me of Stuart Appleby’s swing.  Is that because they are both Aussies and the fact that both of their last names end in “by”?

Lol… we never know but Robert Allenby must be a distant cousin of Stuart Appleby for sheezy.

Here’s Robert Allenby’s Driver swing in action:

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Video of Tiger Woods as a Junior Golfer

Tuesday, June 24th, 2008

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Here’s a very interesting video of Tiger’s junior golfing life between 1 and 20.  Lol, you can take some tips on how to get your daughter/son to become a great golfing legend.

Annika Sorenstam and Jeong Jang Side-by-Side Swing Analysis

Tuesday, June 10th, 2008

Well, let’s take a look at Annika Sorenstam and Jeong Jang, both great players on the LPGA tour. I did actually get to meet Jeong Jang before she got famous….lol…

Annika probably has the best swing in the world out of men and women in my opinion. She has this effortless swing and it’s something I tell ya.

At takeaway, both players are about the same, Annika slightly more on-plane but both good at this point.

At the top of their iron swing, Jeong Jang and Annika both are about on-plane, with Jeong slightly more upright than Annika.

At impact, both players are almost identical, except Annika doing her “rotate the head” thing.

Actually, the “rotating head” of Annika is really helpful for transferring weight back to the left foot.

After impact, Annika is standing up pretty much, this is actually a great way to swing without putting any stress to your back.

But both players look great.

Take a look at how straight Annika’s whole body is at finish, almost standing up with a club.

Although both are great, Annika’s swing puts less stress on the back. I should have an e-book on how to do this shortly so stay tuuuuned folks.

Here’s both Jeong Jang and Annika Sorenstam’s Iron Swings in action:

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Latest Online Venture by Junger Woods – EntreWiki – the New Web 2.0 Business Directory of Business Ideas!

Tuesday, November 27th, 2007

EntreWiki - the New Web 2.0 Business Directory of Business Ideas!

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Okay, here’s a shameless promotion:

Advertise your Golf Business on the new Web2.0 Business Directory of Business Ideas!

This is Junger Wood’s latest online venture to raise funds for his future golf tour to become pro on the PGA.


Here’s the Press Release from Yahoo:

The EntreWiki is a new Web 2.0 Directory of Business Ideas where entrepreneurs and companies can advertise their businesses such as a franchise, business plan, start-up business, or any business that can help someone to start a new business.

Instead of spending $10,000 on a full page ad in National Paper Magazines such as the Entrepreneur and Small Business Opportunities, the EntreWiki offers a unique way to bring continuous growth of traffic from entrepreneurs and people who are looking to start a new business.

EntreWiki targets a focused niche group of entrepreneurs and people who are interested in starting a new business. They offers 15 years of online and offline advertising at just one hundred dollars with one-time free advertisement creative conversion to Wiki text.

The EntreWiki team will “convert” an advertisement creative, normally submitted to a National Paper Magazine (in Photoshop format), into a Wiki markup language. Basically, they make an offline advertisement to be visible online, easily searched by search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, and AOL.

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Tiger Woods fart at 29 seconds!

Friday, October 5th, 2007

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Lol…this is funny…

Golf Sets Doping Policy on Steroids?!?

Friday, September 21st, 2007

This is kinda funny that pro-golfers have to use steroids!?! Well, I’d let them use it since steroids probably messes up your game more than it helps especially under those high pressure situations where you gotta sink a 2-footer to win. How’s steroid going to help you in that case? Maybe you will hit it with more confidence? LOL

The issue of steroids has finally reached the golf world. On the same day that American Floyd Landis was banned for doping and stripped of his 2006 Tour de France Title, several golf organizations signed an anti-doping policy. The policy comes after weeks of speculation of when professional golf would start taking the same steps that other professional sports were taking in tackling the problem of steroids.

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Wayward emu turns golf gallery, follows play for seven holes

Monday, September 17th, 2007

Wayward emu turns golf gallery, follows play for seven holes

Emu, a big bird, apparently followed golfers during play. Well, I knew birdies like golf, maybe this one enjoyed it too much…lol

“It was strange,” McMeekin said. “She’s awful big and she made me nervous.”

Emus, natives of Australia, can grow to more than 5 feet and 100 pounds and are capable of running as fast as 30 mph.

Jeremy Behm, a golf course employee in this town between Olympia and Aberdeen, said he heard a strange sound as he was working in the pro shop around 6:30 a.m.

“I heard a noise and this crazy bird was standing right there,” Behm said.

After hanging around the pro shop for a time, the emu began following McMeekin and Bell while Behm called the Grays Harbor County sheriff’s office.

A deputy was dispatched but couldn’t immediately determine where the emu belonged. Soon afterward, the owner came from his home across the street and rounded up the bird at about 10:30 a.m., Behm said.

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Pro Putters Association

Tuesday, September 11th, 2007

Pro Putters Association

Wow, I didn’t even know a PPA (Pro Putters Association) existed. Although I don’t really give a f*** about this association, sometimes people need something to do better than playing real golf….

Maybe YOU can be the next PPA Champion! lol…

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