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Is Driving Swing Different From Iron Swing?

Monday, May 2nd, 2011

Mike Gleeson left a comment on this blog yesterday and he asked me, “Would it be safe to say, this method could be used for most clubs?” on my advice to hit the driver longer.

Well, this is probably confused many golfers and believe me, my mom used to ask me all the time, “son, I do this differently on my driver and I hit it better.” (My mom is wrong btw.)

Folks, the golf swing stays the same whether you are hitting a pitching or the driver.


The golf swing actually never changes whether you have a pitching wedge, 5-iron, or even driver. The golf swing always stays the same.

This is because it helps you be more consistent if you have one golf swing you can use for your pitching wedge, 5-iron, or driver.

However, there ARE “special shots” such as a 200-yard 4-iron in the rough with a downhill, left-to-right lie and 20MPH wind coming right-to-left while it’s the end of your round near an ocean-view golf club where temperature has dropped from 80 degrees to 65 degrees. (Just an EXTREME example, golf is complicated as you know.)

Even when you factor all those things in, your golf swing usually stays the same and this will help you be more consistent. (I could probably use my same golf swing for the above situation by first aiming 20 yards right, then put my golf ball slightly back in my stance, and perhaps a half-swing to keep the ball lower under the wind and since with a downhill lie my clubface will “deloft”, I will still hit it further and that will adjust for the temperature difference but my golf swing would stay the same. And the rough will make your golf ball after landing, causing a “flyer”, so you might actually have to roll your golf ball to the green, can’t really one hop and stop out of the rough. TMIF)

The only thing that really changes is your setup most of the time.

For a pitching wedge, you stand closer to the ball because the club is shorter and hence, your swing automatically becomes more vertical.

For driver, you tee the ball up and it makes your swing much, much more flatter.

You see though, your golf swing stays the same although it’s more vertical or flatter.

And in other words, your golf swing does “change” in reality but your golf swing (that’s in your head) doesn’t change.

If you go read any of Nicklaus’s golf books, he says this, that nothing changes other than your setup for any full golf shot, and even Ben Hogan. Just sayin’, these aren’t my tips but tips I learned from the best golfers in the world.

It’s a simple concept to grasp, you never actually change your golf swing.

You can use one golf swing for most full-shots in golf. The more you make it complicated, the more complicated you will make for yourself on the golf course.

I will get to this later, I never had a blog post on this, that of judging the wind, downhill/uphill/sidehill lie, and adjusting to the temperature but it’s actually a big part of scoring well so that will be next.

But no, if a golf tip works for your driver, it should work the same for your shorter clubs too.

I hope I’ve answered this question as best as possible and thanks for listening, more golf tips coming tomorrow! :)

P.S. I still remember Butch Harmon(the guy who helped Tiger win more Master than any of his other teachers) tell me, “Son, the pitch shot is nothing more than a miniature version of your full golf swing and you golf swing is nothing more than exaggeration of your pitch shot.” ┬áThat was my last golf teaching pro.