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How to Hit the Ball 365 Yards!

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

Today, I was able to max out my drives at the driving range, never before have I hit it longer.

It’s a good thing though, I ain’t like one of those fake golf pros trying to sell you some e-book on how to hit the ball long, it’s all free on my blog because I like to give my secrets out.

But no, when I used to be a full-time pro-golfer, you never share your secrets, it’s a very competitive golf world out there.

So, here’s how I maximized my driving distance additional 40 yards (up from 325 yards):

Today, I was having some trouble on my downswing, I kept hooking my ball because my hands were getting a bit active.

Well, trying to fix it, I tried to really start my downswing early just before finishing my backswing.  What that does is create “torque” while also creating additional “lag” and making your your clubface doesn’t close early.

But I face another problem, whenever I tried to do that, I would not finish my backswing all the way like I should and my hands would go all over the place, resulting in inconsistent shots.

I am more used to a relaxing backswing, then hitting through the ball.

While experimenting, I found that I could do my same old relaxed backswing and hit the golf ball with more lag and more power.

So, that is the secret to my additional 40 or so yards I gained.  That is, to really hold your upper body at the top of your backswing for a split-second.  It “feels” like you are pausing the top of your backswing while your lower body start the downswing.  When you keep practicing this movement, what happens is that your body “naturally” learns to start the downswing with the lower body.  Sorta like what Ben Hogan used to preach all the time but here’s the difference:  Hogan told you that you start the downswing with the lower body and the upper body follows.  THAT, is really hard to do in real life.  It’s the same thing but a better way to think of it is to hold your upper body for a split-second so you give your lower body a chance to lead and start the downswing.  It works, believe me.

Never in my life I though I could do that but I did today.  And you know what, that creates so much torque but under control, I hit the ball damn straight, 365 yards, which is the distance to the fence where I practice and I hit it multiple times.

Besides that, I hit the golf ball perfectly on the sweetspot, meaning straighter, longer shots.

I even tried using this method on my irons and works great.

So, how do “you” practice method?

Next time you are on the range, I want you to feel like you are resisting your upper body from moving for like a split second during the beginning of your downswing. (And also turn your hips to the left.)

When you do this correctly, you will feel incredible amount of torque generated by the resistance of your upper body and your lower body.  Then after that split second, you just let it go and voila!  You’ve got extra 40 yards and straighter drives.

Anyways, this is something I found out today and you won’t even see it in GolfDigest (my favorite golf magazine btw) so don’t tell anyone, just keep it to yourself so you can outdrive your friends all day long and take their money.

How to Hit the Ball and Catch It (and Hit it Again)!

Thursday, February 10th, 2011

You probably remember that shot I hit for fun the other day, well you probably want to know the nitty gritty on how to hit that shot.

There’s actually a bunch of ways to hit that shot and I have learned many ways to hit that shot over the years. This video shows you how to hit that shot in the easiest way I can describe for single-digit handicappers.

You will need to hit this shot on a mat for now until I figure out how to hit in on real grass. You can hit it on real grass too, I’ve done it but it’s like 100 times harder.

Well, I’ve got some more video tutorials coming and this simple shot of hitting the ball and catching it will teach you a lot more about golf than just doing the trick. Golf is somethin’ else, sometimes the stupidest trick shot can teach you a lot about golf.

I’ve been hitting type of shot for over 20 years, it used to be actually a regular flop shot and one day I thought perhaps maybe I can even hit it higher and higher. The result? The golf ball started popping so close in front of me that I could literally catch it.

Have you seen that new movie “Karate Kid”?

It’s like that, golf is in everything we do. The stupidest, simplest trick shots can be the basis for your whole golf swing.

And yes, this stupid golf trick taught me more about golf than I can imagine over the previous couple weeks.

Think about it, if you can hit the ball and catch it, what else can you do with that shot?