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Course Psychology – How to maintain your inner rhythm!

Wednesday, May 14th, 2008

One of the most important aspects of playing scratch or pro golf is to maintain your inner rhythm during a round of golf.

Now, to do this, you need to really control your emotions.

Whether you are happy or sad, you need to really keep that under your feet, meaning you should never get too excited nor feel angry. Of course, you can celebrate that eagle putt you just made, but do try to keep things under control as your heart will beat faster and your swing will be affected on your next tee shot.

Another really great way to maintain your inner rhythm during the round is to walk at the same pace during the whole round. Don’t ever run, walk too fast, or walk too lazy, simply walk at your natural pace. Now this might sound too simple but it works.

This will help you maintain your inner rhythm and that will carry onto your perfectly balanced rhythmic swing.

I share this knowledge with you as I experienced this while shooting a 10 under par, 62. Although my swing was way off that day, I had a really relaxed feeling and my rhythm was great throughout the whole day.

If this tip helped you save couple strokes next time you go out on the course, make sure to come back and subscribe as I will show you more ways to scrape off additional strokes off your golf game, all with great thinking without changing your swing.