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Tiger Shoots 1 Under Today, 3 Under Total!

Friday, March 27th, 2009

Well, looks like Tiger finished early today, shooting a 1-under par for 3-under total.

He’s in good shape so he should have a GOOD chance of making a come-back this weekend.

Yes, I am rooting for Tiger since he hasn’t won in a long time.


Michelle Wie Playing in the Reno Tahoe Open

Monday, July 28th, 2008
Michelle Wie Playing in the Reno Tahoe Open

Michelle Wie Playing in the Reno Tahoe Open

It’s a wonder that Michelle Wie hasn’t won an LPGA Tournament.  Perhaps, Michelle Wie is not Tiger Woods of women’s golf or at least until she proves otherwise.

After the bad break of being disqualified at her last LPGA tournament, Michelle Wie will be playing in the men’s PGA Tour event coming this weekend at the Reno Tahoe Open.

Of course, most of the top players in the world won’t be there as they will be at Firestone Country Club to play the World Golf Championship.

Still, I wish Michelle Wie the best of luck beating the men at Reno Tahoe Open.   It’s going to be near impossible I’d say since she’s not used to playing longer golf courses with much tougher competition.  Even Annika Sorenstam, the former #1 player of the world for couple decades, failed to make a cut on the PGA Tour.

The point is not that a woman can make a cut on the PGA Tour but the fact of life is that men do hit the ball longer by nature and it’s certainly not fair for the women to play from the same tees.

If Michelle Wie makes the cut this weekend, that might start a whole new plethora of LPGA tour pros who might start asking for sponsor’s exemptions to play on the PGA Tour.

Go figure, if I were her, I’d concentrate on making the LPGA Tour first.  You can always play with the men but you don’t get infinite number of sponsor exemptions even with the LPGA.

Crap, Michelle Wie should have finished top 5 last week.  LPGA Officials can take their stupid rules and shove it somewhere I guess.