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HOWTO hit a golf ball with a cigarette in your mouth!

Monday, December 17th, 2007

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Here’s a simple howto for hitting the golf ball with a cigarette in your mouth.

What does this do for your swing?

Basically, it allows you to balance your swing. If you are not in balance, you will most likely lose the cigarette during your swing.

Famous golfer, Ben Hogan used to do this in practice AND in competition.

You can swap a golf pencil or anything similar if you don’t smoke cigarettes. But cigarettes work the best since they can be easily broken.

Golf invention for dumb golfers

Tuesday, September 11th, 2007

Golf invention for dumb golfers

Here’s a useless invention for dumb golfers. That’s right. You wouldn’t use this unless you thought it REALLY was going to help you hit better shots.

Well, sometimes that could work, kinda like placebo pills…

o how can the Shoulder Stick help you? To work properly, the inventor states; “The bar is sufficient length and position so that in use, it is essentially horizontal across the shoulders and not visible to the golfer addressing the ball”. And that’s a good thing, because if you could see how goofy you look, you wouldn’t wear this backside broom handle. But back to the inventor; “However, one end becomes visible directly in front of the golfer at the peak of a correct back swing and the other end becomes visible in front of the golfer at the end of a proper follow through”. We’re not sure how effective it is but we do have a word of caution; make sure to remove the SS before entering the 19th hole, because Shoulder Sticks and doorways just don’t mix.

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