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Golf Game for the iPhone!

Tuesday, September 30th, 2008

A new golf game is available for the iPhone.  Please knock yourselves out.

Princeton, NJ (PRWEB) August 4, 2008 – RESETgame has developed the first golf game available for iPhone. The product, Par 72 Golf, features three 18 hole golf courses set in desert, ocean and mountain environments. The game also features user choice of male or female avatar, 3D rendered graphics, and realistic physics. The game is designed for busy professional smart phone users who would like to take time out for a relaxing round of golf. Play is easy, quick and fun.

In addition to Par 72 Golf, the company has also developed the very first 3D shooter game for the iPhone, Tank Ace 1944. The first 3D Pool game for iPhone, Vegas Pool Sharks and the first volleyball game for iPhone, Beach Volleyball. All four games are available now on the iPhone App store. The games also work on the iPod Touch device.

via prweb

Golf Tips – Play Better Golf by Playing Different Courses!

Thursday, August 28th, 2008

Here’s the most simplest yet great tip for any aspiring pro golfer:

Play several different courses with different features on a daily basis.

What do I mean?

You want to go out there and play many different courses in order to learn to score.

I know, you belong to a country club and you get to play the same course over and over for free but if you play there all the time, your golf game will never improve.


It’s simple.  You get used to the surrounding, you know every yardage from every tree, you get too comfortable.  When you get too comfortable, you will score good but as soon as you walk onto an unfamiliar golf course, this might shoot right back at you attacking your psychological and physical states.

To become really good “scratch” golfer, not just a scratch golfer, you need to rotate 3-5 different courses every time you head out to create the “randomness”.  Once you get in the mindset that you can play good regardless of the course, you will play much better under pressure.


Face it, golf IS like playing different race tracks on your Playstation.  You need to learn to cope with new and random tracks so you learn the ability to adjust and play any course you encounter, not just your home course.

Besides that, you will also benefit from playing different courses and never get bored.

Ian Poulter Driver Swing Analysis – 1 Plane Swing

Monday, June 23rd, 2008

Ian Poulter comes as close to a 1-plane swing other than Tiger or Adam Scott in my mind.

Let me show you why.

Take a look at how Ian’s clubface is pretty much dead on-plane. A lot of pro tour players are inside this point, Ian does pretty well of keeping that club wide and extended. I love Ian’s takeaway, everyone should copy this…

At half-way point, Ian is still on-plane, maybe slightly flat but that’s good enough.

At top of Ian’s swing, his hands are “almost” on plane. It’s a little upright but it’s okay.

Also note that his club is pointing way left of target, this usually is okay as long as Ian is on-plane.

At half-way down, Ian is perfectly slightly inside the plane.

At impact, Ian does a pretty good job. There actually space in-between his right elbow and hips. This is a good thing and he has not “dipped” a lot like a other players.

After impact, Ian’s extension shows that he’s on perfect plane. Also note how “tall” Ian is standing. This is great for hitting the ball good and the back.

What a lovely finish.

What to learn from this?

There are lots of ways to swing the golf club. Some can hurt your back some can help your back but both achieve the same results as far as golf shot goes.

You need to pick the right swing mechanics for your golf game so you don’t end up one day with a golf swing you can’t play as you get older.

Swing Tip: Try to stand very very tall when swinging the club. Never stress your body, let the club do the work for you. If you swing the club and you feel tired after couple swings, you are probably not swinging, but “bashing” or “hitting” the ball. Never hit the ball, let it come in the way of your swing.

Watch out as I think this young Ian guy can win lots of tournaments in the near future.

Here’s Ian Poulter’s swing in action:

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Course Psychology – How to maintain your inner rhythm!

Wednesday, May 14th, 2008

One of the most important aspects of playing scratch or pro golf is to maintain your inner rhythm during a round of golf.

Now, to do this, you need to really control your emotions.

Whether you are happy or sad, you need to really keep that under your feet, meaning you should never get too excited nor feel angry. Of course, you can celebrate that eagle putt you just made, but do try to keep things under control as your heart will beat faster and your swing will be affected on your next tee shot.

Another really great way to maintain your inner rhythm during the round is to walk at the same pace during the whole round. Don’t ever run, walk too fast, or walk too lazy, simply walk at your natural pace. Now this might sound too simple but it works.

This will help you maintain your inner rhythm and that will carry onto your perfectly balanced rhythmic swing.

I share this knowledge with you as I experienced this while shooting a 10 under par, 62. Although my swing was way off that day, I had a really relaxed feeling and my rhythm was great throughout the whole day.

If this tip helped you save couple strokes next time you go out on the course, make sure to come back and subscribe as I will show you more ways to scrape off additional strokes off your golf game, all with great thinking without changing your swing.