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How Does the Correct Downswing and Follow-Through Feel Like?

Tuesday, January 25th, 2011

There’s nothing better than knowing exactly how to “feel” the downswing or the follow-through.  Most golfers end up manipulating the crap out of their downswing and follow-through (even myself at times) that they have no chance of hitting the golf ball squarely on the center of the clubface.

So, how does the correct downswing and follow-through feel like?

There should be absolutely no manipulations of your hands, shoulders, stomach, thighs, and legs.

You should feel like there’s a central core that moves everything.  Think of it this way, imagine your hand holds 5 yoyos and at the top of your backswing, each of the yoyos represent your hands, shoulders, stomach, thighs, and legs.   Now, since the 5 yoyos are attached to a string, how will you move your body so that you can swing the 5 yoyos through while keeping the string taut?

The only way you can do that is by swinging with your body or having a “feel” that there’s a central core (somewhere inside your chest like the middle of your chest) swinging the 5 yoyos.

In other words, in a correct downswing, there’s absolutely no “tension” if any of your body parts that are controlled by your central core.

There’s a lot of golf teachings out there that teach you to swing “inside-out”.  Now, this isn’t something you can do by manipulating your body, it’s only result of going through the correct golfing motions.

*Note – Swinging inside-out has more to do with the rhythm of your swing than mechanics.  I will have more on this later.

So, stop trying to much when you are following through, and let your hands, shoulders, stomach, thighs, and legs turn naturally through the shot.

One swing thought I use often to let this natural process happen is to simply think of transferring my body weight to my left foot (while keeping everything else passive). What this does is get me in the correct downswing motion with the lower body while preventing manipulation of my upper body.

I know, sometimes the golf swing is a lot simpler than you think, just think “transfer weight and turn your whole body onto your left foot” and let everything else follow.   This also means you can/should “feel” that your hands are light while doing so. Keeping your hands light will keep your shoulders, stomach, thighs, and legs light and prevent them from manipulating your downswing and follow-through.

Well, if you get confused, just remember my last paragraph I’ve outlined in bold and make sure you try it next time you are on the range or the golf course.

How to Swing Better by Not Being Perfect!

Wednesday, August 19th, 2009

Sometimes, perfection can be the root of all evil things in a golf swing.  A lot of times when I was playing competitively on a daily basis, I would try to perfect my golf swing by banging 10 buckets of balls.  I would have probably done better if I just relaxed more and focused more on my short game and putting.

Golf is a game that requires great mental focus, it’s a not a game where the best golf swing mechanics win tournaments.  Rather, golfers with ability to turn the golf course into their friend wins as evidenced by Y.E. Yang’s win over Tiger last weekend.

That said, I hit balls for the first time in about 3 months yesterday and boy, I hit the ball really, really good.

Here’s something I tried to do yesterday:

  • I tried to not be perfect, simply relax my hands and let my body do the work.
  • My swing though consisted of “keep it smooth” like Fred Couples.
  • Worked on specific shots that would help me on the golf course like fading the ball (which is my strength) and odd shots that could get me out of trouble.

In all, yesterday’s practice at the driving range might have helped me whole lot more than me simply banging a lot of balls mindlessly one after another.

The key to great golf is keeping your golf swing consistent.   The only way an average golfer who rarely practices to keep their golf swing consistent is to keep their swing thoughts simple.

Golf has so many parts to master but unless you are a professional golfer with all the time in the world, you are not going to master it.

Forget “fixing” your swing and try simply “scoring” with your current golf swing.  Whatever your bad shots are, a nasty hook or banana slice, you can still “score” well by adjusting to your weaknesses and using them as strengths.

I’ve seen it a gazillion times where a golfer with a really weird swing will win over a golfer who has a perfect swing.  Most of the time, the golfer with a really weird swing has an incredible short game and a knack for putting since he/she is hitting the ball all over the place.  The golfer with perfect swing usually never performs under pressure because he/she simply does not know how to deal with trouble under pressure.

Anyways, I will be heading over to the course more often before this summer ends and looks like they got the tent set up at Harding Park for the President’s Cup 2009 this year. (I have an incredible view of the 12th hole at Harding Park from my 12th floor apartment!)

Watch Masters 2009 Live on the Internet!

Thursday, April 9th, 2009

Looks like Masters 2009 is already on its way, you can watch the holes 15th and 16th live on the internet over at  This is probably the tournament of the year and also my favorite one to watch so let’s see who’s gonna finish up on top.

You can also follow me live twittering on my twitter probably around when Tiger tees off.

My favorites this week: Greg Norman, Tiger Woods, Fred Couples, and Nick Watney.  (I know, call me old-school but I want the old guys to win, they deserve one before they retire to Champion’s Tour. :) )

Tiger will be teeing off 1:52PM Eastern Standard Time.

There’s two leaderboards you can follow,, and


Winner of Northen Trust Open 2009 Is….

Sunday, February 22nd, 2009

Phil Mickelson wins the Northern Trust Open 2009!

Congrats and although my prediction was off, Fred Couples did come real close to winning, only if he had hit a good iron shot on the last hole.

It was an exciting finish to say the least though as Phil birdied the 2 of the last 3 holes to come back, after making bunch of bogies and no birdies until that point.

Fred Couples, on the other hand, gave a good run at age of 49 and a half, about to head to the Champion’s Tour.

Steve Stricker, who finished couple holes early, came up short by bogeying the last hole, he could have easily won this tournament.

Anyways, no more golf until next weekend.  I am gonna go hit balls in the rain now. :)

Make sure to check out my swing analysis of Phil Mickelson’s swing and Fred Couple driver’s swing here.

Live Northen Trust Open Update!

Sunday, February 22nd, 2009

Well, my Twitter reached limit for today, here’s what’s been going at the Northern Trust Open:

Looks like Phil will win for sure now.

  1. rogolferdigest Crossing my fingers, 2 feet please!

  2. progolferdigestprogolferdigest Freddy Couples next, 173 yards from the pin, let’s see a classic Freddy’s iron shot under pressure here

  3. progolferdigestprogolferdigest Andres Romeros hits it 10 feet from the cup, great chance to tie for 2nd or maybe even 1st.

  4. progolferdigestprogolferdigest I think Freddy is going to be on the Senior’s tour soon.

  5. progolferdigestprogolferdigest Romero next, Freddy outdrove ALL of the younger guys!

  6. scottish007scottish007 Phil’s shirt sleeves seem really short. Is that the fashion now?

  7. progolferdigestprogolferdigest Perhaps Phil is feeling the pressure not, that wasn’t a great shot.

  8. progolferdigestprogolferdigest Phil, 2nd shot, 6-iron, hits it hard, lookin hard, finishes on the right fringe, 60 feet away from the cup.

  9. progolferdigestprogolferdigest Phil, 2nd shot, making practice swings, feeling the pressure?

  10. progolferdigestprogolferdigest Fred Couples is just coming back from nothing.

  11. progolferdigestprogolferdigest I’d root for Phil if Fred wasn’t contending.

  12. progolferdigestprogolferdigest Best case scenario for me: Fred makes birdie, Phil makes bogey.

  13. progolferdigestprogolferdigest I hope there’s no playoff since this is taking waaay too long

  14. progolferdigestprogolferdigest Either Phil, Fred, or Steve will win this

  15. progolferdigestprogolferdigest Well, just 1 more hole to go

  16. progolferdigestprogolferdigest Fred Couples’ book, I highly recommend it, read it about 20 years ago.

  17. progolferdigestprogolferdigest I notice that Fred’s hair is all gray now, he is getting old, and I am getting old too. :(

  18. progolferdigestprogolferdigest Okay, commercials again, I hope Fred wins, he’s getting old so I have to root for old-school pros.

  19. progolferdigestprogolferdigest Go Fred!!!

  20. progolferdigestprogolferdigest Ol’ Freddy hits it long and hard, PASSES Phil’s ball on the fly, thank you very much.
  21. progolferdigest Fred Couples on the tee, need a good drive. Boom Boom!

  22. progolferdigestprogolferdigest Well, Phil might win now, although golf is never finished.

  23. progolferdigestprogolferdigest Oh darn, Phil rips the fairway in half.

  24. progolferdigestprogolferdigest Phil go left, Phil go left, Phil go left!!!

  25. progolferdigestprogolferdigest Phil on the tee at the 18th, I am hoping for a bad shot, hehe.

  26. progolferdigestprogolferdigest What a finish, this is gonna be really close.

  27. progolferdigestprogolferdigest Andres Romero makes a birdie to go 13 under, he has a chance.

  28. scottish007scottish007 I just joined the Golf Twitter Group so stop by and see us. #golf

  29. progolferdigestprogolferdigest I hope Fred Couples makes a birdie on the last hole.

  30. progolferdigestprogolferdigest Last hole will be exciting, will Phil Mickelson hit his infamous wayward driver?

  31. progolferdigestprogolferdigest Fred Couples makes birdie too, one back at 14 under.

  32. progolferdigestprogolferdigest I told you so, you gotta watch out for Phil if he starts making birdies, he got his confidence back obviously.

  33. progolferdigestprogolferdigest Oh, Phil makes a birdie, in the lead at 15 under.

  34. progolferdigestprogolferdigest I hope he misses since I am rooting for Fred today.

  35. progolferdigestprogolferdigest Phil for birdie now, downhill, not an easy putt

  36. progolferdigestprogolferdigest This is getting pretty exciting, I still hope Fred Couples comes through.

  37. progolferdigestprogolferdigest Steve Stricker 14 under, Phil Mickelson 14 under, and Fred Couples at 13 under.

  38. scottish007scottish007 Wicked ball movement on Choi’s putt.

  39. progolferdigestprogolferdigest K.J. Choi misses… opportunity lost but good play.

  40. progolferdigestprogolferdigest oHHHH
  41. progolferdigest oHHHH

  42. progolferdigestprogolferdigest Will he make it?

  43. progolferdigestprogolferdigest K.J Choi putting to tie for the lead

  44. progolferdigestprogolferdigest This could be a 3 or 4 way playoff

  45. progolferdigestprogolferdigest K.J. Choi on the 18th green, putting for birdie to tie for lead!

  46. Caroline Mooresixhours I make a pretty good baby bed, apparently. Also: Love the wrap!

  47. progolferdigestprogolferdigest Phil at 14 under, tied for lead, putting for birdie.

  48. progolferdigestprogolferdigest Oh he missed by inches! But he will make birdie i think.

  49. Norma Wilsonnormasdailyart Almost finished the portrait I have been working on. Now time to paint another farm animal! Cute one ends soon!

  50. progolferdigestprogolferdigest Freddy for EAGLE!!!! GO IN THE HOLE!!!!!

  51. progolferdigestprogolferdigest Dang, I got a call from my dad, almost missed the best moments here

  52. progolferdigestprogolferdigest GO Freddy Couples!!!

  53. progolferdigestprogolferdigest Freddy on the par 5 in two, pretty close

  54. scottish007scottish007 Phil’s hand placement on his putter stroke has to the lowest on tour.

  55. progolferdigestprogolferdigest @dav0014 Phil and Fred both putting for eagle

  56. David Richardsdav0014 My mum has now desided that the German for pillow is punfundunfen … :S weird :)

  57. scottish007scottish007 Not so great from Phil

  58. scottish007scottish007 Beautiful shot from Couples

  59. David Richardsdav0014 @progolferdigest : Who is out there? and what is the leading 4?

  60. progolferdigestprogolferdigest People still call Fred Couples “Boom Boom”?
  61. progolferdigest Boom Boom is the Parallax golf club Fred Couples used to promote 20 years ago or so.

  62. progolferdigestprogolferdigest Freddy Couples, 13 under, 2 more holes to go, Gary McCord calls him Boom Boom.

  63. progolferdigestprogolferdigest Andres Romero at 12 under, not his day.

  64. progolferdigestprogolferdigest Rori makes a birdie and back to 13 under. He could have a chance by making another one on 18th

  65. progolferdigestprogolferdigest Better watch out for Phil once he starts birding

  66. progolferdigestprogolferdigest Phil at 16th, make the first birdie of the day! at 14 under!

  67. Jim & KellyJimandKelly @twot yeah but the burgers are darn good

  68. progolferdigestprogolferdigest Steve Stricker most likely make a bogey here, meaning there’s going to be a playoff?

  69. progolferdigestprogolferdigest Steve Stricker 3rd shot on 18th, gets within 12 feet, not the best shot.

  70. Jim & KellyJimandKelly @John_Corey 5 yrs in Myrtle and 4 in Snowshoe. Beats the heck out of paying a 25 – 35% rental fee to an agent

  71. progolferdigestprogolferdigest Freddy Couples just misses his birdie putt on 16th, darn

  72. progolferdigestprogolferdigest K.J. Choi on 17th, makes a birdie to go 13 under, he might have a chance now.

  73. progolferdigestprogolferdigest 17th, Rori Sabbatini hits his 3rd close within 3 feet but he’s already out of the tournament as far as I can see.

  74. Jim & KellyJimandKelly @consultski yeah – several times from PIT to MYR. They have the only non stop flight. They use planes from Virgin Atlantic

  75. progolferdigestprogolferdigest Go Freddy Couples!!!

  76. progolferdigestprogolferdigest Well, 3 more holes for the last group at the Northern Trust Open, I really hope Freddy Couples win, my predicted winner

  77. progolferdigestprogolferdigest @dav0014, Northern Trust Open on CBS.

  78. progolferdigestprogolferdigest Okay, commercials now, darn it.

  79. progolferdigestprogolferdigest Steve Stricker still in trouble if he cannot get up and down, might even lose to Freddy or Phil, both who are in great position to make bird

  80. progolferdigestprogolferdigest Exciting, Phil and Fred are both 2 back, 3 more holes to play for them.

Kenny Perry Swing Analysis

Sunday, June 1st, 2008

Kenny Perry Swing Analysis

Congratulations to Kenny Perry today, who won the Memorial Tournament for the 3 times in his life, matching Tiger Woods’ record, the only other person to have won 3 times.


Fred Couples Swing – The Driver

Saturday, September 22nd, 2007

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I love Fred Couple’s swing. He probably has the most relaxed swing with such a fluid swing rhythm you can describe simple only as, “butter”.

He’s rhythm is the thing to copy. If you can watch his swing everyday and copy his rhythm, it will definitely help you.