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How to Exercise Right to Increase Your Driving Distance!

Friday, May 6th, 2011

Every golfer in this world wants to hit their drives farther (not straighter but farther), and believe me, I’ve been doing exercises to improve my driving distance for the last 20+ years.

So, what are the best exercises to increase your driving distance?

I wish I had my own workout room and take a bunch of photos (which I will in the near future) but for now, let me just tell you which areas of your body you need to strengthen to increase your driving distance.

1. Forearms & Wrists – You want to strengthen your forearms and wrists because it will help you control the ball better out of the rough and also help you control the ball better. Look at every long hitter in golf history and you will see most of them have popeye-like forearms. You can get one of those wrist exercisers you can carry with you. (I used to carry this very wrist exerciser everywhere with me when I was in high school and college so I can work out my forearms and wrists while I am studying.) There’s also many ball hand exercisers too so your options are limitless when it comes to exercising your forearms and wrists on your off-time from golf. Forearms & wrists don’t necessarily add a lot of distance to your drives directly but because your strengthened forearms and wrists will better help you control the golf club, your drives will be hit more squarely in the sweetspot and result in longer drives.

2. Rotator-Cuffs – These are the crucial muscles in your golf swing, the rotate cuffs are basically the muscles under your shoulders that allow you to “rotate” in a golf swing. You need to strengthen your rotator cuffs as much as possible as they play a major role in a golf swing (and tennis too). Having strong rotator cuffs can also help you with lots of things such as lessen strain on your back, be able to rotate your shoulders faster (therefore hit the ball longer), and are basis for a golf swing.

3. Legs – A lot of people like to go to the gym and work only on their upper body and really, the legs are the muscles in golf that give you more balance, stability, and utmost, power. It doesn’t matter what kind of leg exercises you do really but make sure you work out your legs often and make sure they are strong, you will get more yards.

4. Abdominals – Believe it or not, working out your abdominals can be very healthy for your golf swing, your back, and also hit the ball longer. The golf swing is driven by the power of your core, which is your abdominals. And since abdominals play a big factor in your back aches, I highly recommend you do work out your abdominals often and make them as strong as possible. And yes, there “are” exceptions but having strong abdominal muscles can only help you in golf.

Overall, any exercise is good for golf in my opinion, just make sure you also do lots of stretching to stay flexible because that is also another key to adding MPH to your drives.

One more thing (this is an advice my chiropractor gave me), you might want to swing the opposite way often. For example, if you are right-handed, do some left-handed swings every once in awhile. Because of how human body is structured, if you hit lots of golf balls, your spine tends to get a bit awry, this is inevitable fact of golf, your spine will twist and turn the wrong way if you keep swingin’ only one way. To counter-set that, just swing the other way too. This is really for preventing back injuries but believe me, I’ve had more back injuries (due to golf) than anyone else I know. Having a good back and knowing good exercises to prevent back pain is also another key to your golfing career going longer.

Paul Goydos in the Lead at the Players Championship!

Sunday, May 11th, 2008

Well, my predictions were a little off for today as Paul Goydos took the lead, Anthony Kim fell way back with a 79, but Sergio Garcia is still in there.

My bet still goes to Sergio Garcia, let’s see what happens tomorrow.

FYI, Anthony Kim still leads in driving distance for the week.  That might be his culprit, maybe trying to hit too hard.

In the meanwhile, Paul Goydos leads in putts, which is probably what it takes for a tournament like this.

Too bad again, Tiger wasn’t there to mess up the scores…

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