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Danny Lee Interview after winning U.S. Amateur!

Wednesday, August 27th, 2008

Here’s an excerpt of Danny Lee’s interview after his 2008 U.S. Amateur win:

Danny Lee, 18, of New Zealand, became the youngest winner in U.S. Amateur Championship history Sunday when he outlasted Drew Kittleson of Scottsdale, Ariz., 5 and 4, in their scheduled 36-hole final match at Pinehurst No. 2.

CRAIG SMITH [Moderator]: I’m going to just say, congratulations U.S. Amateur Champion. You were the equivalent of 11-under par. What a show.

DANNY LEE: Well, I played well. I played really, really well today. That’s all I can say.

CRAIG SMITH: Tell me, you said yesterday it was a dream.


Q.: Tell me about the dream and the week. I want to hear you talk.

DANNY LEE: This is my, like what should I say? This tournament, this is my third year trying this U.S. Amateur and I think I never felt — I tried the tournament three times and I never felt like — I don’t know what to say — I’m just so excited I don’t know what else to say right now. I have no idea.

CRAIG SMITH: That’s okay.

Q.: Given the tournament that you just won, have you ever played any, can you play any better than how you performed today?

DANNY LEE: Yeah. I mean, you know, I think I played incredibly well today and I don’t think I can play better than this, I think I played perfect golf. I’m really happy with myself and how I played.

Q.: He cut it to two when he chipped in on eight, or seven. What were your thoughts then and then you proceeded it make two birdies in a row or three birdies in a row?

DANNY LEE: No, I wasn’t really surprised, I knew that it’s going to come back some time and on some hole. And I knew he was a good player, because he made it into the finals here. He’s a good player.

I was expecting to get that, to have that happen, and since after he made that chip in, I was thinking like, I got to play well and I need to just keep focused on my game and just try and make birdies from there.

Q.: Did you watch Michael Campbell win the U.S. Open here on television?

DANNY LEE: Yes, I did.

Q.: What was your reaction when he won the U.S. Open here and what is your relationship with him?

DANNY LEE: Actually, we’re just the same New Zealanders, and we won at the same golf course, which is really nice. And that’s about it, I think.

Q.: Do you remember when he got back home after winning the U.S. Open?

DANNY LEE: No, actually not. No. Sorry.

Q.: Can you talk about the putt to win the match. And just kind of what your thoughts were when you saw that go in?

DANNY LEE: Yeah, it was an easy putt, just a little left-to-right break, you know. Uphill. Just aim at the left edge, hit it firm. I knew that it was going to go in.

CRAIG SMITH: I guess there’s a follow-up question here about your putting. You said it was good all week, today it seemed to be uncanny. If that’s an easy putt, talk about your putting just a little bit.

DANNY LEE: Oh, actually, I putted really well. I don’t know why. Maybe because of the practice that I’ve done. I think that’s what makes me putt really well, actually.

CRAIG SMITH: Do you think when you get over a putt that you’re going to make every one?

DANNY LEE: Yeah, like when 15 foot away from the hole, I still have a feeling that it’s going to drop. I was really comfortable out there.

Q.: Did you read your own putts this week? Who read them?

DANNY LEE: Actually, we both read them and it was, we were discussing about like some holes it’s breaking like opposite way, so I was listening to Boss and we were really discussing about those lies and we read it together.

CRAIG SMITH: How about just for the record we put your caddie’s name on the record. Your caddie’s name is.

DANNY LEE: Bob. And I don’t know his last name. Sorry.

CRAIG SMITH: We’ll just call him Bob.

Q.: Have you been in touch with your parents at all?

DANNY LEE: Just cell phone call every night. That’s about it.

Q.: Were they following along?

DANNY LEE: Yeah, actually they do.

CRAIG SMITH: Tell them Uncle Rambo, how he was doing with the texting.

DANNY LEE: Oh, yeah, actually my uncle called them or texted to them how I did that day or Danny hit it in the bunker and he shanked it from there, something like that.


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Danny Lee becomes the Youngest U.S. Amateur Champion ever!

Monday, August 25th, 2008
Danny Lee becomes the Youngest U.S. Amateur Champion ever!

Danny Lee becomes the Youngest U.S. Amateur Champion ever!

Danny Lee becomes the youngest U.S. Amateur champion in history of golf as he beat Drew Kittleson in style 5 and 4.  He also becomes the very first Korean-born golfer to win the U.S. Amateur.  That means Danny Lee is also the very first pure-breed Asian Asian person to win the U.S. Amateur.

UPDATE: Oops, Danny Lee ISN’t the very first Asian person.  Actually Tiger Woods is the very first Asian.  BTW, Tiger isn’t really black at all, he’s more Thai than anything else.

With Korean ladies taking over the leaderboard in LPGA, Danny Lee is also another one of those players starting the act of taking the PGA Tour along with the young PGA star, Anthony Kim.

Pinehurst, N.C. — Danny Lee became the U.S. Amateur’s youngest champion, supplanting Tiger Woods by holding off Drew Kittleson 5 and 4.

Lee, 18 years and one month old, frittered away most of a six-hole lead before regaining control with consecutive birdies midway through his second trip around Pinehurst’s No. 2 course. He capped his 11th consecutive day of competitive golf by sinking a 30-foot birdie putt on the 14th.

Lee is six months and 29 days younger than Woods was when he won the first of his three Amateurs in 1994.

The victory gives Lee exemptions into the U.S. and British opens, a probable invitation to The Masters and a 10-year exemption into the U.S. Amateur as long as he remains an amateur.

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Danny Lee and Drew Kittleson at the Finals of 2008 U.S. Amateur!

Saturday, August 23rd, 2008

I enjoyed watching the two youngsters, Danny Lee and Drew Kittleson battle out their semi-final match-play rounds at the 2008 U.S. Amateur today.

It will be an exciting finish tomorrow as we will see who wins the 2008 U.S. Amateur.  For the record, if Danny Lee wins, he will become the youngest player to ever win the U.S. Amateur.

Overall, I am impressed how well these 18 year olds can play and the winner will probably play the PGA Tour.

My vote goes to Danny Lee this week since he is the #1 ranked amateur in the world currently.

But you never know as the U.S. Amateur is match play and couple birdies can make up a lot.