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Correct Backswing Leads to More Consistent Golf Swing!

Thursday, August 25th, 2011

Today’s topic is about the backswing. A lot of people focus too much of their time on the downswing, transition, and whatnot. But if you don’t have a correct backswing, no matter what you do on your downswing and onward, you will probably still hook the ball or banana slice it. Even if you can manipulate your hands so well, that’s not going to last on the golf course and it’s likely to bite you in the future with errant shots.

So what?

Key to more consistent golf swing lies in your ability to set yourself up in the right position on your backswing.

If you can achieve correct backswing every time, you’ve solved nearly 90% of hitting the golf ball squarely on the clubface.

I know this can be a bit different (as your backswing might differ on how your grip your golf club) but let me give you some tips that can be applied to anyone’s golf swing.

First, stay in balance during your backswing. I see a ton of amateurs lose their balance on their backswing yet complain that they cannot hit the golf ball solid.

Second, you want to feel relaxed during your golf swing, having tension in your hands, arms, or shoulders can kill your chances at great golf shots.

Third, your backswing is a “body” turn”, if you are not using your whole body to turn, you are prone to make some manipulations on your downswing plus you are missing out on some extra yards you should be getting.

Well, working on your balance is crucial to more consistent shots. A great way to practice your balance is to swing to the top of your backswing and pause. If at this point you feel in complete balance, that’s great but if you are not, keep trying until you can get perfect balance. This might sometimes mean shortening your backswing a bit but if that’s what it takes, do it as I bet your golf shots will improve.

Also, pause at the top of your golf swing and see if you feel tension in any part of your body. Most of my problems come when tension creeps into my hands at the top of my backswing. What happens to me then is that the tension in my hands cause me to swing overly flat and by the time I get to impact, my clubface is too-closed and must resort to last-minute hand manipulations to hit the ball square.

A correct backswing feels like your whole body is turning together, practice controlling your backswing with the bigger muscles of your body. I like to visualize my belly controlling the speed of my backswing.

So, next time you are on the range or the golf course having trouble with your golf shots, do some practice backswings and pause at the top. You should feel very balanced, light, and together.

Once you can feel those things, you will feel more confident and hit more consistent golf shots. Let me know if this helps you!

How to Make a Consistent Golf Swing with an Image Thoughts!

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

One of the ways you can make your golf swing consistent is to have a consistent backswing where you are swinging to the same point every time.

Over the years, I have found that image swing thoughts work the best to achieve the desired consistency above all other as your brain somehow manages to get your muscles right when you think of an “image”.

So what is this image?

Well, I will let you on a little secret.  For me, I imagine my hands about level with my eyes above my shoulders.   When I imagine my hands being in that certain position, I inevitably swing back correctly with my body.  From there, it’s piece of cake, just rip through the ball and same results every time.

Imagery is probably the most under-rated forms of swing thoughts, stuff that can actually hold up under pressure.

Instead of thinking, “keep my head down”, see an image of your head being in the position where you want while you swing.

Instead of thinking, “follow through”, see an image of yourself following through the golf ball while you swing through the ball.

You see, swing thoughts are only good if you can make an image of it.  I assure you, this results in more consistency in you golf swing.

P.S. My golf swing is coming back a bit, today I hit the golf ball really far, I will be playing for Pepsi Tour mini tournaments probably starting in July, wish me luck!

Tom Watson’s Explanation on the Secret to Consistent Golf Swing!

Monday, August 31st, 2009

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Well, I might have analyzed hundreds of golf swings in my life but perhaps Tom Watson’s explanation on secret to a consistent golf swing will help you more with his simple wisdom, “keep your spine angle consisten and turn around it.”

And this has everything to do with keeping your clubhead and body parts on-plane.  The golf swing plane only exists as a result of this spine angle.

I think this advice will help you more because it’s so simple and it’s coming from Tom Watson.

Watch the video and learn! :)