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Yup, I practiced today too!

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

Yup, today I practiced too!  I think I am getting better as I get more “hawk-eye” stare-downs by retired, old folks who want to get better at golf.

For instance, this 60-year old guy kept staring down at my swing while I practiced.  Although I don’t usually notice because I have my music on my iPod all the way up, I do notice that more people are being more attentive of how I am swinging.

No, I am not boasting about my golf skills, I am just saying, I am getting better.

Anyways, today was a lot better than yesterday.   I know, I know, I get better everyday.  I used to tell my dad and mom how I found the “secret” to golf like everyday, now you get to actually experience that as one of my readers.  That’s actually one of the secrets, that you try so freakin’ hard.

If my blog posts ain’t proof that I am getting better, you are not in the right mind.

Anyways, here’s the golf tips for today.

Body, body, and more body swing.  That’s all I’ve got.  I hit these “amazing” 225 yard 2-iron shots straight at my target today, it was ridiculously straight and went on an angle like a rocketship going at 45 degrees from impact.

Anyways, it was good, I really focused on using my whole body to swing and that is all I needed to do.

Sorry, my blog posts are getting a bit redundant but I can’t tell you how many times you need to swing with your body, not with you hands.

That’s all for today folks, I will update you this weekend what I shoot, my best record for this year so far is a 79, pretty damn horrible by my standards but that might be good for most of you. :)

P.S. With me managing my own web business and trying to play/practice golf, and also write this blog, it can become a crazy havoc of mess.   Hey, but my golf swing is gettin’ reaaal good!

P.S.2. Putting tip – I had a great putting practice today, one of the keys was to make sure to “lower” your hands a bit so they are “in-plane” with your forearms  and the club.  I putt like crazy GOOD!

K. J. Choi Swing Analysis!

Friday, May 23rd, 2008

Here’s swing analysis of K. J. Choi, a very good Korean golfer on the PGA Tour.

Here’s his takeaway, Choi breaks his wrists early but the important part is how well he kept his triangle. (the triangle formed by his arms and shoulder)

On his 3/4 backswing, you can see that KJ has fully cocked his wrists and notice how steady his lower body is. That might be secret to his consistency.

At the top of Choi’s swing, you can see a very good lower body balance and he does not overswing, stopping slight before the club reaches parallel point to the surface.  What I like most about his backswing is it looks so stable as if he’s ready to give a nice knock out punch.

Balance is the key on the backswing.  You should be able to be in this position in perfect balance.

On his downswing, Choi dips his head a little too much, which is explanation why he took such a big divot on this 6-iron shot.   Other than that, he does transfer weight well to his left feet and also maintains a very good 90 degree angle between his arms and the club, a must for any A-class golfer.

What you should learn from this position is Choi’s lower body transfer, this is where all his power comes from, the rotation and the weight transfer.

At impact, watch how straight his left arm and the club are together.  This guarantees you to hit the ball very very straight, although KJ is currently working on the power fade.  You will see this position on any pro golfer who wins a lot of tournaments.

Finally, but not least, check out how well KJ extends both of his arms after the ball is hit.  This is another key factor in a good swing.  (Check out the triangle, isn’t it beautiful?  Great golf swings always have triangles everywhere)

Now here’s a video of it in action:

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