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Bob Heintz’s Wishes May Come True This Weekend!

Thursday, August 14th, 2008
Bob Heintz's Wishes May Come True This Weekend!

Bob Heintz's Wishes May Come True This Weekend!

You’ve probably never heard of Bob Heintz or the fact that Heinz ketchup is actually spelled without the t.

The fact is that Bob Heintz has been trying to gain fans so he can enjoy his round more.

Of course, you need to score great scores week-in and week-out on the PGA Tour to accomplish that.

Today, Bob Heintz did just that, attracting about 50 fans to follow his partner who is a local amateur.

Of course, if Bob Heintz keeps shooting 63s for the rest of the weekend, it will be possible that one of Bob’s wishes may come true.

Quoting from interview today:

“I said, ‘I imagine y’all are here to watch Drew, right?’” Heintz said. “They kind of laughed and felt bad that they weren’t there to watch me. I relayed to them that one of my career goals was to get where I’m good enough where someone might actually go to a golf course, pick up a pairing sheet and say, ‘I’ll follow Bob Heintz’s group today.’

“That’s kind of a vague career goal, but they started to tease me about that as the day went on — ‘I guess I’ll follow you now.’ I’d rather have attention than, you know, have nobody know who I was.”

Yes, the hardest fact of life on the PGA Tour is not that everyone who qualified makes at least $100K/year.  But the fact that if you don’t finish near the top, no one will ever notice you.

How cruel is that if you were a PGA Tour member most of your life, only to have no one notice you when you retire?

Of course, those spotlights are reserved for players like Tiger Woods but still, professional golf is a mirror-image of our capitalist society.  In order for you to be happy at what you do, you need to be near the top whether that’s golf or business.

Now, I really want this Bob Heintz guy to win this weekend.  Before today, I didn’t even know he’s a PGA Tour player!

Martin Laird and Bob Heintz in the lead at Wyndham Championship!

Thursday, August 14th, 2008

Martin Laird and Bob Heintz are both in the lead at Wyndham Championship on the PGA Tour.

Both pros shot a whopping 7-under 63s on Sedgefield Country Club with par of 70.

Bob Heintz actually was at 8-under until the last hole where he scored a bogey.

Other notables include Scott McCarron at 5-under par, Zach Johnson at 4-under par, and David Love III at 4-under par.

From purely scoring point, tour players seem to be having an easy time on this golf course after weeks of hard golf on U.S. Open, British Open, and the PGA Championship.

Of course, a lot of big-name pros are missing this week probably due to the fact that the end of the year is near.

It’s still terrible too early to tell who will win this week, at least Bob Heintz and Marin Laird got their low scores in today.

In the meanwhile, we will do some swing analysis of Martin Laird and Bob Heintz to see who has a better swing.