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Camilo Villegas Iron Swing Analysis!

Monday, September 8th, 2008

Camil Villegas has one of the simplest swings as he never swings beyond 3/4 point and accelerates nicely through the ball while keeping his rhythm super-smooth.

Today we will analyze Camilo’s iron swing and just see how he is able to come up with wins such as the BMW Championships where he beat the top players of the world including Vijay Singh, Phil Mickelson, Anthony Kim, and others.

At takeaway, you can clearly tell that Camil’s clubface is shut (or closed).  But this isn’t too big a problem as long as he gets it open at the top of his swing.

At half-way, you can tell that Camilo has nicely rotated his forearms so the clubface is square in relation to his swing plane.  He’s slightly inside the plane but that’s not a big deal here.

At the top of his swing, Camilo looks very poised and everything stretched out nicely.  Note that his hands and club are not actually back on-plane, a perfect backswing.

At impact, Camilo dips his head down a little (which most players do) but his impact is perfect.

After impact, Camilo looks pretty good.

At finish, Camilo does a great job of standing up straight.

Overall, I am impressed with this young Camilo’s swing as he never over-swings yet his retains his smooth rhythm.

What’s impressive is that this young man is capable of hitting every shot in the bag although he has a tendency to miss his drives to the right.  (probably due to his short backswing when he’s tempo gets too quick)  But with a swing like this, Camilo will never miss left, mostly to the right.

Most players who have short backswing tend to have a quick tempo but Camilo actually has a nice tempo.  (For comparison, check out Tommy Armour III’s swing analysis)

Here’s Camil Villegas’ swing in action:

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BMW Championship and FedEx Cup Playoffs Recap by

Monday, September 8th, 2008

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Here’s a good video on the re-cap of this week BMW Championships and the FedEx Cup standings.

Camilo Villegas gets Down and Under at BMW Championships!

Monday, September 8th, 2008
Camilo Villegas gets Down and Under at BMW Championships!

Camilo Villegas gets Down and Under at BMW Championships!

Carmilo Villegas gets it down and under at BMW Championships and finishes at 15-under par, beating all of the top PGA Tour players by 2 strokes.

We think that most of Camilo Villegas’ skill this week came from his getting “down and under” to read putts as he did also finish #1 in putting.

Now in order for someone to achieve similar putting results, we suggest you go work out your arms and make sure to do some leg streching.  (Without that, you might now be able to get “down and under”.

I was very surprised that Carmilo Villegas came through on the last day and made some solid putts and shots.

Congratulations on your first win Camilo Villegas, I think we have another young PGA star now.