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Golf Book Reviews!

Thursday, April 28th, 2011

Over the last 20+ years of my golfing life, I’ve read almost every golf book (I have about 200+ of them), here’s my golf book reviews on the best of the best:

  • Ben Hogan’s Five Fundamentals of Golf – This is the very first golf book I read at the age of 10 or so, didn’t understand it then but I do now.
  • Advanced Golf Book by Greg Norman – This book has a lot of great, in-depth photos on how to hit various different shots, a must read.
  • Golf Is Not A Game of Perfect – This is probably the best golf psychology book I’ve read, even though Dr. Bob Rotella is not a professional golfer, the golf psychology lessons in this book are one of the best and he’s probably one of the first people who wrote a good book on golf psychology.

How to Practice Golf!

Thursday, January 27th, 2011

Today was one of my better practice sessions at my local golf range.   For the first time in 3 years, I paid $5/30 minutes to practice my short game first.  Yes, in San Francisco, you have to usually pay to practice on the greens or your short game.

Anyways, I am sure many of you are city slickers like me trying to wing away your short game while you play on the golf course.  Don’t DO THAT, that will be one of the major reasons why your score never improves.

When I used to live with my parents, it was all FREE, I mean I used to practice my putting, chipping, sand shots, and my pitching shots for FREE at their local country club.   And yes, it’s not been like that anymore but no matter whether you have to pay or not, you NEED to practice your short game at least half the time.

So what?

If you want to lower your golf scores, you need to hit the practice green more often than hitting your irons or driver on the range.  I know, it’s fun, it’s fun to hit that 350 yard drive over the driving range fence or stick a 4-iron 200-yard sniper on the sign itself but in reality, it boils down to your short game.

The only person who might have gotten away without a short game in history of golf?

Maybe Ben Hogan, at his best, he hit like all the greens in regulations.  But trust me, no one can beat Ben Hogan, that is why he is a golfing legend.

The bottom line is, you can be better simply by being better around the greens.  And how many times can I tell you that game of golf is played with the putter and the wedge?   Too many, watch out for more blog posts titled, “how to practice golf” and more words on why you need to practice your short game.

And oh yeah, finally getting back into golf, I haven’t touched a golf club since last August I think, but I will be playing some events this year finally.

Golf DIY – How To Mentally Play Well and Score Well by Practicing Mentally!

Wednesday, June 24th, 2009

Anyone who has played golf for at least a year would realize that golf is 90% mental and 10% skill.

This is so more true as you get to a higher level such as scratch golf or pro golf.

The truth is, most PGA Tour players today can hit the ball as good as the guy next to him.

The real difference between top players who win tournaments and the guy who finishes last in a PGA Tour tournament may be blamed purely on mental state of the player.

I have mentioned in many of my previous tournament analysis that the player who is tougher nearing down the last 3 holes of the tournament usually wins the golf tournament.

That is completely true, most golf tournaments are decided on the last 3 holes.

For example, even the 2009 U.S. Open came down to the last 3 holes where Lucas Glover made a birdie on the 16th hole and parred out the rest while everyone else had at least 1 bogey. I am sure it could have been different if Ricky Barnes, Phil Mickelson, or David Duval birdied couple of those last holes.

Or even take a look at the miraculous win by Tiger Woods at 2008 U.S. Open, where Tiger had to birdie the last hole to force a playoff with Rocco Mediate. Tiger dumps his drive in the rough, then procceeds to hit his 2nd shot to the rough, and barely makes it to the green. But Tiger’s mental toughness has helped him make that 10 footer downhiller under intense moments of pressure, not just his skill or luck.

So, how to get this mental toughness?

Well, first you need to be in that state of pressure, if you have nothing to go for, there’s no pressure.

You can easily practice this type of pressure while you practice on the driving range or play a round at your favorite golf course.

What me and my pro golfer friends like to do is actually bet money and play a skins game during the course of the round. This “pressure”, even if it’s a dollar a hole, will make you focus more on “playing” the game and also let you “practice” pressure golf.

When I am at the driving range, I like to play games with myself. I will challenge myself to hit 10 of 10 shots to within 100 yards. (You can also read about developing your bread-and-butter shot by signing up for my newsletter in the free E-book I provide.)

Another way to engage yourself in pressure golf at the driving range is to actually play a round of golf in your mind.

That’s right, I will imagine my favorite golf course and actually hit my drives, approach shots, and pitch shots. I make it so real that I actually go through my whole pre-shot routine, which is a must if you want to play great golf. (I will also do a blog post soon on how to develop and maintain a pre-shot routinne later this week.)

A lot of people don’t like to gamble on the golf course but gambling with your friends is actually one of the best ways to improve your game and practice “pressure” golf.

You don’t have to bet a lot of money, even pennies will do, just so long as there’s something on the line, mainly which boils down to your confidence, not really money itself.

So again, make sure you play for some money (or even house duties) the next time you play golf with your friends and family.

One of my favorite things to do was play skins game with all the seniors at my local club and take all their money, even with handicaps given for them. Now, that was a lot of fun because the seniors enjoyed playing with good young golfers like me, even if that was losing couple bucks every time.

Next time you go out on the range, don’t just mindlessly bang golf balls after another, practice “playing” on the practice range.

I hope these golf tips help you play better the next time you try to let your friends pay for your dinner and I will have to get back to getting my golf game up to par so I can try out for the PGA Tour next year.

Happy golfin’~

P.S. One of the keys to playing well under pressure is to simply enjoy golf and have fun. Can you remember how many times you played good and had fun?

Oops, another golfing secret spilled…

Arnold Palmer Invitational Live Update From 16th Hole!

Sunday, March 29th, 2009

Wow, Tiger just sinks a birdie putt to tie Sean O’Hair at 5 under par on the 15th hole.  Now, there’s 3 more tough holes to go and either Tiger or Sean will win it.

It’s going to be a test of who can stand the heat under competition.

Now, a little bit about Sean O’Hair from Wikipedia:

Professional career

O’Hair entered PGA Tour Qualifying School regularly from 1999, but was unsuccessful at his first five attempts. He played on various developmental tours: the PGA Tour’s official second-level developmental Nationwide Tour, the third-level Gateway Tour and the Cleveland Golf Pro Tour. He had limited success, making the cut in only four out of eighteen starts at Nationwide Tour level.

In 2004 O’Hair made it through all three stages of PGA Tour Qualifying. His 2005 season was a dramatic success. He won the John Deere Classic and finished second at the EDS Byron Nelson Championship. His season earnings came to $2,461,482 and he won PGA Rookie of the Year honors. In March 2006 he was the youngest man in the top fifty of the Official World Golf Rankings. After he established himself as the frontrunner for Rookie of the Year distinction with his strong finish at the EDS Byron Nelson Championship and victory at the John Deere Classic, his estranged relationship with his father, already highlighted on a 2002 episode of 60 Minutes,[2] became well-publicized. It was also profiled by Sports Illustrated’s Rick Reilly.

O’Hair’s 2006 season was less successful. He dropped out of the top fifty—finishing no higher than fourth at the Buick Open in Michigan—but returned to the list with a 3rd place at the Canadian Open. He continued to play well in major events, finishing in the top fifteen at the British Open and the PGA Championship. He finished at +13, tied for 26th, at the 2006 U.S. Open at Winged Foot.

Sean O’Hair is a very interesting young PGA pro, who’s actually dropped out of high school to pursue his golfing career.  It’s amazing that he even made it this far, he took a big chance.  It took Sean about 5 times of Q-school before he even started playing on PGA Tour.

Back to golf, Tiger’s errant tee shot on the 16th made him lay up, now his 3rd shot finishes about 3 feet from the hole, guaranteed par while O’Hair dumps his 2nd shot into the water.

Oh huh, looks like Tiger will definitely win this one unless Sean O’Hair can birdie out the last 2 holes on 17th and 18th.

Live Northen Trust Open Update!

Sunday, February 22nd, 2009

Well, my Twitter reached limit for today, here’s what’s been going at the Northern Trust Open:

Looks like Phil will win for sure now.

  1. rogolferdigest Crossing my fingers, 2 feet please!

  2. progolferdigestprogolferdigest Freddy Couples next, 173 yards from the pin, let’s see a classic Freddy’s iron shot under pressure here

  3. progolferdigestprogolferdigest Andres Romeros hits it 10 feet from the cup, great chance to tie for 2nd or maybe even 1st.

  4. progolferdigestprogolferdigest I think Freddy is going to be on the Senior’s tour soon.

  5. progolferdigestprogolferdigest Romero next, Freddy outdrove ALL of the younger guys!

  6. scottish007scottish007 Phil’s shirt sleeves seem really short. Is that the fashion now?

  7. progolferdigestprogolferdigest Perhaps Phil is feeling the pressure not, that wasn’t a great shot.

  8. progolferdigestprogolferdigest Phil, 2nd shot, 6-iron, hits it hard, lookin hard, finishes on the right fringe, 60 feet away from the cup.

  9. progolferdigestprogolferdigest Phil, 2nd shot, making practice swings, feeling the pressure?

  10. progolferdigestprogolferdigest Fred Couples is just coming back from nothing.

  11. progolferdigestprogolferdigest I’d root for Phil if Fred wasn’t contending.

  12. progolferdigestprogolferdigest Best case scenario for me: Fred makes birdie, Phil makes bogey.

  13. progolferdigestprogolferdigest I hope there’s no playoff since this is taking waaay too long

  14. progolferdigestprogolferdigest Either Phil, Fred, or Steve will win this

  15. progolferdigestprogolferdigest Well, just 1 more hole to go

  16. progolferdigestprogolferdigest Fred Couples’ book, I highly recommend it, read it about 20 years ago.

  17. progolferdigestprogolferdigest I notice that Fred’s hair is all gray now, he is getting old, and I am getting old too. :(

  18. progolferdigestprogolferdigest Okay, commercials again, I hope Fred wins, he’s getting old so I have to root for old-school pros.

  19. progolferdigestprogolferdigest Go Fred!!!

  20. progolferdigestprogolferdigest Ol’ Freddy hits it long and hard, PASSES Phil’s ball on the fly, thank you very much.
  21. progolferdigest Fred Couples on the tee, need a good drive. Boom Boom!

  22. progolferdigestprogolferdigest Well, Phil might win now, although golf is never finished.

  23. progolferdigestprogolferdigest Oh darn, Phil rips the fairway in half.

  24. progolferdigestprogolferdigest Phil go left, Phil go left, Phil go left!!!

  25. progolferdigestprogolferdigest Phil on the tee at the 18th, I am hoping for a bad shot, hehe.

  26. progolferdigestprogolferdigest What a finish, this is gonna be really close.

  27. progolferdigestprogolferdigest Andres Romero makes a birdie to go 13 under, he has a chance.

  28. scottish007scottish007 I just joined the Golf Twitter Group so stop by and see us. #golf

  29. progolferdigestprogolferdigest I hope Fred Couples makes a birdie on the last hole.

  30. progolferdigestprogolferdigest Last hole will be exciting, will Phil Mickelson hit his infamous wayward driver?

  31. progolferdigestprogolferdigest Fred Couples makes birdie too, one back at 14 under.

  32. progolferdigestprogolferdigest I told you so, you gotta watch out for Phil if he starts making birdies, he got his confidence back obviously.

  33. progolferdigestprogolferdigest Oh, Phil makes a birdie, in the lead at 15 under.

  34. progolferdigestprogolferdigest I hope he misses since I am rooting for Fred today.

  35. progolferdigestprogolferdigest Phil for birdie now, downhill, not an easy putt

  36. progolferdigestprogolferdigest This is getting pretty exciting, I still hope Fred Couples comes through.

  37. progolferdigestprogolferdigest Steve Stricker 14 under, Phil Mickelson 14 under, and Fred Couples at 13 under.

  38. scottish007scottish007 Wicked ball movement on Choi’s putt.

  39. progolferdigestprogolferdigest K.J. Choi misses… opportunity lost but good play.

  40. progolferdigestprogolferdigest oHHHH
  41. progolferdigest oHHHH

  42. progolferdigestprogolferdigest Will he make it?

  43. progolferdigestprogolferdigest K.J Choi putting to tie for the lead

  44. progolferdigestprogolferdigest This could be a 3 or 4 way playoff

  45. progolferdigestprogolferdigest K.J. Choi on the 18th green, putting for birdie to tie for lead!

  46. Caroline Mooresixhours I make a pretty good baby bed, apparently. Also: Love the wrap!

  47. progolferdigestprogolferdigest Phil at 14 under, tied for lead, putting for birdie.

  48. progolferdigestprogolferdigest Oh he missed by inches! But he will make birdie i think.

  49. Norma Wilsonnormasdailyart Almost finished the portrait I have been working on. Now time to paint another farm animal! Cute one ends soon!

  50. progolferdigestprogolferdigest Freddy for EAGLE!!!! GO IN THE HOLE!!!!!

  51. progolferdigestprogolferdigest Dang, I got a call from my dad, almost missed the best moments here

  52. progolferdigestprogolferdigest GO Freddy Couples!!!

  53. progolferdigestprogolferdigest Freddy on the par 5 in two, pretty close

  54. scottish007scottish007 Phil’s hand placement on his putter stroke has to the lowest on tour.

  55. progolferdigestprogolferdigest @dav0014 Phil and Fred both putting for eagle

  56. David Richardsdav0014 My mum has now desided that the German for pillow is punfundunfen … :S weird :)

  57. scottish007scottish007 Not so great from Phil

  58. scottish007scottish007 Beautiful shot from Couples

  59. David Richardsdav0014 @progolferdigest : Who is out there? and what is the leading 4?

  60. progolferdigestprogolferdigest People still call Fred Couples “Boom Boom”?
  61. progolferdigest Boom Boom is the Parallax golf club Fred Couples used to promote 20 years ago or so.

  62. progolferdigestprogolferdigest Freddy Couples, 13 under, 2 more holes to go, Gary McCord calls him Boom Boom.

  63. progolferdigestprogolferdigest Andres Romero at 12 under, not his day.

  64. progolferdigestprogolferdigest Rori makes a birdie and back to 13 under. He could have a chance by making another one on 18th

  65. progolferdigestprogolferdigest Better watch out for Phil once he starts birding

  66. progolferdigestprogolferdigest Phil at 16th, make the first birdie of the day! at 14 under!

  67. Jim & KellyJimandKelly @twot yeah but the burgers are darn good

  68. progolferdigestprogolferdigest Steve Stricker most likely make a bogey here, meaning there’s going to be a playoff?

  69. progolferdigestprogolferdigest Steve Stricker 3rd shot on 18th, gets within 12 feet, not the best shot.

  70. Jim & KellyJimandKelly @John_Corey 5 yrs in Myrtle and 4 in Snowshoe. Beats the heck out of paying a 25 – 35% rental fee to an agent

  71. progolferdigestprogolferdigest Freddy Couples just misses his birdie putt on 16th, darn

  72. progolferdigestprogolferdigest K.J. Choi on 17th, makes a birdie to go 13 under, he might have a chance now.

  73. progolferdigestprogolferdigest 17th, Rori Sabbatini hits his 3rd close within 3 feet but he’s already out of the tournament as far as I can see.

  74. Jim & KellyJimandKelly @consultski yeah – several times from PIT to MYR. They have the only non stop flight. They use planes from Virgin Atlantic

  75. progolferdigestprogolferdigest Go Freddy Couples!!!

  76. progolferdigestprogolferdigest Well, 3 more holes for the last group at the Northern Trust Open, I really hope Freddy Couples win, my predicted winner

  77. progolferdigestprogolferdigest @dav0014, Northern Trust Open on CBS.

  78. progolferdigestprogolferdigest Okay, commercials now, darn it.

  79. progolferdigestprogolferdigest Steve Stricker still in trouble if he cannot get up and down, might even lose to Freddy or Phil, both who are in great position to make bird

  80. progolferdigestprogolferdigest Exciting, Phil and Fred are both 2 back, 3 more holes to play for them.

Camilo Villegas Wins the Tour Championships!

Sunday, September 28th, 2008

Camilo Villegas wins the Tour Championships to finish the 2008 PGA Tour in style.  What seemed like a bad bogey on 16th hole was recovered with a remarkable birdie on the 17th hole by Camilo.

That makes it 2 wins in the last 2 starts, the last time that someone won 2 consecutive tournaments was over 10 years ago.

What makes it interesting is that Camilo was able to beat all the best players in the world with his A+ game on Sunday yet again.

I feel very sorry for Sergio Garcia, who I believe has more talent but talent and luck must come together on the last day for someone to win.

Make sure to check out our swing analysis on Camilo Villegas too.

Vijay Singh and Sergio Garcia battle it out at the Barclays FedEx Cup Playoff!

Monday, August 25th, 2008

Vijay Singh wins the FedEx Cup at Barclays by beating Sergio Garcia in a playoff.

He does it in style by making two consecutive birdies at hole 18 and 17 while Sergio Garcia makes one birdie but comes up short on number 17 with an errant drive and errant lay-up shot while Vijay is on the green in two.

I think it was a great finish by both players although I would have loved it if Sergio Garcia came through.

Unfortunately, Sergio Garcia seemed to have got the worst of luck this year, losing almost every tournament that he should have won.

Congratulations to both Vijay and Sergio, you guys both deserve some loud round of applause.

U.S. Open – Tiger goes Birdie, Eagle to finish at Top!

Sunday, June 15th, 2008

As predicted, the top players of the world came up to the top except for Stuart Appleby, who had a miserable day shooting an 8 over par, 79.

On the bright side, Tiger managed to birdie and eagle the last two holes to finish up at the top.

Mostly likely Tiger will probably win tomorrow at this point but it’s still hard to tell if his knee will keep up.

As predicted, Rocco Mediate goes on to make a lot of mistakes near the end, where he goes about 4 over par over 3 holes. With Rocco’s second-grade swing, there’ no way he will win the U.S. Open.  Don’t call me biased but his swing is something not to look at.

And if Tiger doesn’t win, it might be a crap shoot of players who tee off early and get to play the course before the greens get hard and fast.

I still think Tiger might win tomorrow, although I want him to. There’s just too much knee trouble but who knows, he might get real lucky like his chip shot on the 17th today.

Phil Mickelson wins the Crown Plaza International with a Birdie on the Last Hole!

Sunday, May 25th, 2008

Wow, this has to be one of the best finishes by Phil Mickelson.  Remember I did a swing analysis of Phil yesterday and predicted he’d win?

Lol… it was a very awesome final hole stretch as Phil made a par on the 15th hole to stay alive, then got out of major tree trouble on the 18th where he sank the birdie for the win.

On the 18th hole, Phil hit a nice wild short iron hook out of the rough and trees.  He hit the shot about 8 feet which was incredible with the amount of pressure that was riding but Phil knows how to handle that.

The results have been completely different if Phil didn’t putt as good as he did on the last 4 holes.

Great stuff Phil and let’s see if he keeps ‘em coming.

Sometimes, great focus and great shots come when you have to get out of trouble.  In this case, it definitely helped Phil make a birdie and the win.

LIVE UPDATE: AT&T Classic Ryuji Imada ties the lead and Kenny Perry laid up!

Sunday, May 18th, 2008

Ohhh…. this is going to be fun…

Will Kenny be able to finish with birdie? Or even finish with par with the pressure?

Will find out soon here…