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Swing Faults At Impact – Being Too Square with the Shoulders

Monday, July 7th, 2008

Swing Faults At Impact - Being Too Square with the Shoulders

I did go out to the range the other day and took a small video.  Although I was hitting the ball fairly good, my impact position was too sqaure.

Here’s my impact position compared to Ben Crane and Adam Baddeley:

If you look carefully, both of these guys have their shoulder slightly open.

Now, what I’ve found out is that, I tend to get my lower body too close to the ball near the impact, causing me to hold on to my release, thereby causing an open shoulders and also annoying hooks once in a while since I have to “flip” my wrists slightly after impact.

But the most interesting thing I found was in my practice swing.  As you can see, this is a snapshot of my practice swing impact position.  The shoulders are slightly open and the hands are exactly where I want them.

Next time, I will try to stand a little taller during the swing and that should help me fix the kink.

Darn, if I could only swing like my practice swings…

Swing Secrets Revealed – After Impact Positions of Top Tour Pros

Tuesday, June 24th, 2008

Justin Leonard

After impact positions of various different pro tour players will look very similar.  On this post, I will simply let you guess what they did right by looking at them.

The answer (or the secret) is in the pictures.  It’s been there for last 100 years or so.

Mickey Wright

Ben Hogan

Adam Baddeley

Phil Mickelson

Sergio Garcia in Slow Motion and Black and White

Sergio Garcia

Adam Baddeley Swing Analysis Front View

Tuesday, May 27th, 2008

Today, we are going to study the “head” of a pro golfer.  Last time I did a Down-the-Line swing analysis of Adam Baddeley, but today we will do the front view.

How much should your head move during your golf swing?

Most good pros, including Tiger Woods, will move about 1-2 inches on the backswing and come back to the same head position addresss at impact.

Let me prove the point by going through Adam Baddeley’s swing:
(Note the red line I put on Adam’s left ear.)

Notice Adam’s head moved about 1-2 inches already on the takeaway?

This is good, Tiger does this too.  But it doesn’t matter whether you move that head on the takeaway or at the top of the swing, it just matters you do move it.

Note: Moving the head means you have successfully transferred some of your weight to your right foot, critical for hitting the ball straight and far.

Look at the top of his swing, it’s now clear he’s in perfect position. 1-2 inches of head movement is usually the best.  Anything more or less means you are either doing a C-reverse-weight-shift OR you are swaying too much.

Note: Sometimes even I sway a lot by overswinging (thus my head moves about 3-4 inches), simply keeping a keen eye on your head movement will help you not overswing plus stay in perfect balance.

Notice that Adam’s head has come back to the same position at address.  This is a good sign he’s transferred his weight back to the left foot.

Here, Adam actually pulls his back a little.  (Your goal is try to keep it near where the head was at your address)  He might be trying to hit it a little hard here but it’s not going to affect his shot that much.

Notice how the head now is way right of the original red line.  This is good and shows that you’ve completely transferred your weight to the left foot “after” hitting the ball.

Today’s Lesson?

Take a video shot of your swing from the front like Adam’s swing shown above.  Then download the free V1-Home software and see how your head performs.

It’s a very simple but effective way to correct your swing, by looking where your head is.

I assure you if you can achieve that 1-2 inches consistently, you will hit the ball consistently too and hit the ball farther and straighter.

V1 Home is the best software for Golf Swing Analysis!

Tuesday, May 27th, 2008

V1-Home software is the most widely used by most tour players and teachers.  You can load your own videos straight from your digital camera.  (Above is my 3 wood swing loaded onto V1 Home)

The greatest part about the V1 Home software is that you can do slow-motion and draw lines to analyze your swing.

You can also load a pro tour’s golf swing from their online database.

Here’s Adam Baddeley’s swing I downloaded:

Now the free version has everything except that you can’t do split-screen to compare your own swing to Adam Baddeley or someone else.

But you can download the free version here and study some of the best swings in golf for free!

This is definitely the one and only sofware you need to analyze your swing right.

Adam Baddeley Swing Analysis

Friday, May 23rd, 2008

Adam Baddeley has one of the simplest swings in golf.

As you can see Adam at address, he’s perfectly balanced, ready to go.  I set up the big red line from the clubhead through middle of his shoulder sockets.  (That is important as I will explain later…)

Adam’s new swing is actually a little flatter than most other tour pros but it’s perfectly acceptable position here.  He “rotates” more laterally than the other players, which is part of his swing technique.

At the top of his swing, again, Adam is very flat compared to most other tour pros but he does remind me of Ben Hogan, who swung even flatter than Adam.

The important thing to note is how “well balanced’ he is, he looks like he’s almost just standing tall without the club in his hand. (for the lower body)

At downswing, Adam is perfectly ready to launch the ball with his swing plane slight flatter than the red line from the ball through his shoulder sockets.  This means he’s coming into the slightly inside-out, meaning he will hit a nice powerful draw.

At impact, again, Adam is in perfect balance.  If you watch his spine and lower body only, you can tell how well balanced he is, almost standing normal.

That is the key, you always want to feel like you are simply standing up tall throughout the swing.  It lets your body balance itself automatically.

Now, here’s the secret.  Notice that red line from the ball through the shoulder sockets?  Well his clubs right on it after impact.  This ball probably was hit almost perfectly.

Here’s the video:

Click Here to View in Full Screen Mode

Tiger wins his 60th PGA Tour Tournament!

Tuesday, September 11th, 2007

Tiger wins his 60th PGA Tour Tournament!

Wow, Junger Woods has lots of catching up to do…

“If you wanted to win this tournament, you had to make putts,” Woods said. “And I just happened to make them today.”

The 63 matched Woods’ lowest final round to win, and he finished at 22-under 262 to break by five shots the 72-hole record at Cog Hill first set by Scott Hoch in 2001 and matched by Woods two years later.

And while his 60th tour victory surprised him, the amazement wore off when he was reminded that it was only 13 months ago at the Buick Open that everyone made a fuss out of Woods winning No. 50.

Baddeley gave him a good chase until he ran out of birdies on the back nine and settled for a 66. Stricker was tied for the lead until his 3-iron clipped a tree and came up well short on the 12th, leading to a bogey no one could afford. He wound up with a 68 to finish alone in third, enough for him to move up to No. 2 in the FedEx Cup standings.

via cnn