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David Duval Swing Analysis!

Thursday, August 14th, 2008

If you are new to golf, you’ve probably never heard of David Duval.  But for me, he’s the #1 or #2 golfer of all-time in the 90s.

For whatever reason that David Duval has not been winning again, let’s take a look at his swing from Doral in 1997 to see what made him “tick”.

One thing I really like about David Duval is the way he finishes his swing with his back straight.  This is really good for painless-back golf.

On the takeaway, David Duval looks pretty good.

At top of his swing, David is in perfect plane.

Between his backswing and downswing, you can clearly tell that David is really transferring his weight back to the left.

Also notice that his head is actually turning towards the target at impact.  David Duval is the only other professional golfer I know who lets his head move freely during impact other than Annika Sorenstam.

I believe this head move can actually help the golfer hit the ball better if done right.  But if you simply move your head at impact, it will probably make you chop the ball more times than not.  To do it right, try following the golf ball as it takes off.

Watch David Duval’s wonderful wind-up finish.  He’s almost wind-up too much but you get the idea here.

Hopefully David Duval does recover from his long-term winning draught.  I have seen signs of him playing better lately at the British Open where he finishes Top 10 for the first 2 days.  Time will tell whether David Duval is able to come back to competitive golf or not but he’s still a British Open champ.

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Here’s David Duval’s Swing from Doral Open in 97:

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Michelle Wie Playing in the Reno Tahoe Open

Monday, July 28th, 2008
Michelle Wie Playing in the Reno Tahoe Open

Michelle Wie Playing in the Reno Tahoe Open

It’s a wonder that Michelle Wie hasn’t won an LPGA Tournament.  Perhaps, Michelle Wie is not Tiger Woods of women’s golf or at least until she proves otherwise.

After the bad break of being disqualified at her last LPGA tournament, Michelle Wie will be playing in the men’s PGA Tour event coming this weekend at the Reno Tahoe Open.

Of course, most of the top players in the world won’t be there as they will be at Firestone Country Club to play the World Golf Championship.

Still, I wish Michelle Wie the best of luck beating the men at Reno Tahoe Open.   It’s going to be near impossible I’d say since she’s not used to playing longer golf courses with much tougher competition.  Even Annika Sorenstam, the former #1 player of the world for couple decades, failed to make a cut on the PGA Tour.

The point is not that a woman can make a cut on the PGA Tour but the fact of life is that men do hit the ball longer by nature and it’s certainly not fair for the women to play from the same tees.

If Michelle Wie makes the cut this weekend, that might start a whole new plethora of LPGA tour pros who might start asking for sponsor’s exemptions to play on the PGA Tour.

Go figure, if I were her, I’d concentrate on making the LPGA Tour first.  You can always play with the men but you don’t get infinite number of sponsor exemptions even with the LPGA.

Crap, Michelle Wie should have finished top 5 last week.  LPGA Officials can take their stupid rules and shove it somewhere I guess.

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Saturday, July 19th, 2008

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China to host first LPGA tournament in October!

Tuesday, July 8th, 2008

China will be hosting its very first LPGA tournament this October. Although LPGA is held in many other countries, it’s nice to see it held in China, not that I’d want to go there.  (just my personal preferences)

World number two Annika Sorenstam will top the bill when China stages its first LGPA tournament, the $1.8 million Grand China Air in October.

Golf has boomed in the world’s most populous nation in recent years and six men’s European Tour co-sanctioned events took place in greater China last year.

The new event will take place from Oct. 24-26 at the Hainan West Coast Golf Club in Haikou, the capital of the island dubbed “China’s Hawaii”.

Sorenstam, who is bowing out of competitive golf at the end of this season, said the new tournament would be a major milestone for the LPGA.

Jesper Parnevik Driver Swing Analysis

Monday, June 23rd, 2008

Jesper Parnevik has always been my Swedish golf hero(outside Annika Sorenstam that is). I remember seeing him for the first time on TV about 15 or so years ago and I still remember how he had his cap backwards and advertisers actually started putting their logo inside-out just for Jesper.

Let’s look at his swing:

At takeaway, Jesper is slightly inside the plane but no big deal here, looks great.

At half-way, Jesper is still on-plane, maybe slightly flat but it works.

At the top of his swing, Jesper is pretty much on plane, maybe slightly upright. His clubface is slightly shut, meaning it’s a little closed, meaning it’s pointing a little too much at the sky. This isn’t problem for Jesper as most pro tours do have it slightly shut for a nice draw.

At half-way down, you can see how well Jesper fits his hands and club onto the red plane. Most pro tours are great at this.

At impact, Jesper is great. Maybe his right arm could be extended a little but that’s because his head dipped about 3-4 inches from address. (If you take a look at the location of the bunker at address and here, you will see.)

The dip usually isn’t a big problem for most pro tours as it’s a natural thing. You might want to watch out though if you are dipping more than 4 inches. (My recommendation is to try around 1-2 inches of dip at most. To lessen dipping on your swing, swing effortlessly and also feel like you are standing up tall during your whole swing)

Jesper looks great after impact. Take a look at the triangle formed by his arms, shoulders, and hands. This is a characteristic a lot of the good ball strikers on tour all have. (Sorta like the mirror image position of the backswing.)

At finish, Jesper is in perfect balance, enjoying his perfect tee shot. Take a look at his right foot and how the tip of the foot is straight down. You want this at the finish for a perfect balance in your swing.

What to take from Jesper’s swing?

Well, golf is partly or mostly about balance. If you can be in balance at address, backswing, and the finish, you are 10 times more likely to hit the ball straighter and farther than if you are not in balance.

Next time you go out on the range, see if you can stay in balance during your swing and also hold your finish for 3 seconds. If you can do this on every shot, you must be hitting the ball pretty good, at least solid even if you spray it.

Here’s Jesper Parnevik’s Driving Swing in action:

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Annika Sorenstam and Jeong Jang Side-by-Side Swing Analysis

Tuesday, June 10th, 2008

Well, let’s take a look at Annika Sorenstam and Jeong Jang, both great players on the LPGA tour. I did actually get to meet Jeong Jang before she got famous….lol…

Annika probably has the best swing in the world out of men and women in my opinion. She has this effortless swing and it’s something I tell ya.

At takeaway, both players are about the same, Annika slightly more on-plane but both good at this point.

At the top of their iron swing, Jeong Jang and Annika both are about on-plane, with Jeong slightly more upright than Annika.

At impact, both players are almost identical, except Annika doing her “rotate the head” thing.

Actually, the “rotating head” of Annika is really helpful for transferring weight back to the left foot.

After impact, Annika is standing up pretty much, this is actually a great way to swing without putting any stress to your back.

But both players look great.

Take a look at how straight Annika’s whole body is at finish, almost standing up with a club.

Although both are great, Annika’s swing puts less stress on the back. I should have an e-book on how to do this shortly so stay tuuuuned folks.

Here’s both Jeong Jang and Annika Sorenstam’s Iron Swings in action:

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Top 10 Reasons Why Annika Sorenstam is Quitting on David Letterman

Sunday, May 25th, 2008

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Here’s the funny version of why Annika Sorenstam is quitting from golf on David Letterman’s show.

Annika Sorenstam’s Swing – The Stand Up Swing

Saturday, September 22nd, 2007

Annika Sorenstam’s Swing

Apart from the Men’s Golf, Annika Sorenstam probably has the best swing in golf. The above animated gif is a favorite among mine that’s floating on the internet.

Click below for the full swing analysis of Annika Sorenstam and a HOWTO drill for copying her “stand-up-head-up” downswing.