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AT&T National Winner – Tiger Woods!

Friday, June 5th, 2009

Last year, Anthony Kim showed on exceptional performance at the AT&T National, winning with ease.

This year, Anthony Kim comes really close, playing with Tiger Woods in the final group of the final round.

Notables include Hunter Mahan, who shot an incredible 62 today to finish before the final groups at 12 under.

As I did predicted during the 3rd round of the AT&T National, this tournament really came down to Tiger Woods and Anthony Kim.  And I did say Tiger probably will have an edge over the last finishing holes, where he did make birdies to gain lead in the tournament.

My prediction for AT&T National earlier today also became true, as Tiger had an edge over the last couple holes of “pressure” golf.  I think Anthony Kim has come a long ways, especially during the 9-month period that Tiger was going through his knee surgery but I think he still has a long ways to go before beating Tiger head-to-head.

Of course, don’t forget Hunter Mahan, he’s been shooting awfully low scores at many tournaments.  I think every time I turn on my TV, Hunter Mahan is shooting a 62 or 63.  I am sure he will win many tournaments.

One thing is for sure, Tiger Woods is certainly back after winning 3 tournaments already this year.  It will be harder to beat him as Tiger plays more tournaments and I think he’s still not 100%, something seriously to worry about for other PGA Tour players.

I am sure Anthony Kim will beat Tiger Woods in stroke play one day though.  When that day comes, Tiger will have a good challenger to compete with.

Overall, I think everyone did a great job here, there’s a lot of veterans who are at the AT&T National this week, something I haven’t seen before.  Interesting to note that people were applauding for a war hero who was on his wheelchair as the final group walked up the 18th hole.

Congrats to Tiger Woods on his comeback 2009 and winning the 2009 AT&T National!


Tiger Come Back, He Wins Today at the WGC!

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009


Tiger Woods won today’s match play against Brendan Jones 3 & 2.  Looks like he’s back to kill the playing field again. :)

On the other hand, Padraig Harrington was beat by Pat Perez.

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Americans win the 2008 RyderCup!

Sunday, September 21st, 2008

Americans win the Ryder Cup this year pretty easily.  (without trying)

I think it was really unfair for the Europeans as the American players had better players this year.  Well, I cannot prove it by any statistics but take a look at how the teams faired on Sunday here as proof:

Match 1 – FINAL
Wins 5 & 4
Match Details
Match 2 – FINAL
Match Details
Match 3 – FINAL
Wins 5 & 3
Match Details
Match 4 – FINAL
Wins 3 & 2
Match Details
Match 5 – FINAL
Wins 3 & 2
Match Details
Match 6 – FINAL
Wins 4 & 2
Match Details
Match 7 – FINAL
Wins 2 & 1
Match Details
Match 8 – FINAL
Wins 2 & 1
Match Details
Match 9 – FINAL
Wins 2 & 1
Match Details
Match 10 – FINAL
Wins 3 & 2
Match Details
Match 11 – FINAL
Wins 2 & 1
Match Details
Match 12 – FINAL
Wins 2 & 1
Match Details

As you can see, every American player beat every European player today, except for one halve.
Now, that’s hard to do unless you got some great players.

Azinger asserted repeatedly in the months leading up to the matches that experience was overrated, that what he preferred to have populating his team were hot hands and not wise heads. It was the reason he wanted to change the qualifying structure and to double his captain’s picks to four.

Split equally among rookies and veterans, the U.S. team clearly benefited from the infusion of new talent. The new blood posted a slightly better record, going 9-12-8 and scoring a collective 13 points. They went 4-1-1 in singles on Sunday, a record for singles wins by rookies. The U.S. veterans went 10-8-5 to contribute to 12½ points. They went 3-3 in singles.

Anthony Kim waxed Sergio Garcia in the first singles match to set the tone for the day, but he preceded that with infectious enthusiasm that seemed to light a fire under Phil Mickelson. Hunter Mahan won 3½ points and was the only player on either side to escape defeat playing five matches.

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Win Lessons from Butch Harmon and Enjoy Exciting Las Vegas!

Monday, July 7th, 2008

Win Lessons from Butch Harmon and Enjoy Exciting Las Vegas!

Here’s a cool little contest you can win.  You get 2 days of golf school with Butch Harmon, former teacher of Tiger Woods.  All you gotta do is sign up!

Grand Prize Winner will Receive:

  • 4 nights accommodations at Caesars Palace Hotel Resort & Casino
  • Three days of personal instruction with Butch Harmon and his Staff Professionals for one individual
  • Computerized video analysis
  • One nine-hole playing lesson at Rio Secco with Staff Professionals
  • One eighteen-hole playing lesson at Cascata with Staff Professionals
  • Lunch each day of the school
  • Transportation provided between Caesars Hotel & Casino/Golf School/Cascata
  • Value $5,900

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AT&T National Winner – Anthony Kim!

Sunday, July 6th, 2008

Anthony Kim comes up with a win at this week’s AT&T National as predicted hours before.

Anthony Kim now is 5th on the FedEx Cup rankings and also move up a lot on World Rankings.

5 birdies, 13 pars for a 5-under 66, very good stuff.

Congrats to another win Anthony and keep up your good work.

I’d definitely would like to see AT&T National to move back to Pebble Beach though.

You can check out my swing analysis of Anthony Kim here.

More Anthony Kim swing videos.

Here’s a video of Anthony Kim’s swing on the 16th hole from yesterday:

(Today, he couldn’t go for the green due to a bad tee shot but still made a great birdie)

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Anthony Kim Wins AT&T National 2008!

Sunday, July 6th, 2008

Okay, the headline was a 12-hour pre-prediction that Anthony Kim will win today’s AT&T National.

Currently, Anthony Kim leads the field by 2 at 11-under par.

This young man has a great future ahead of him.  I won’t be surprised if he keeps winning more tournaments this year.

Hurray, go Anthony! :)

Tom Pernice Jr. Driver Swing Analysis

Saturday, July 5th, 2008

Here’s a swing analysis of Tom Pernice Jr., who is currently leading the AT&T National tournament at 10 under par.

At takeaway, Tom is in good position. (he’s slightly inside the plane but that’s okay as many tour pros use this position)

At half-way, Tom is slightly inside the plane, which is perfectly fine.

At the top of his swing, Tom is perfectly on-plane.

On the downswing, Tom is slightly inside the plane, meaning he will he from the inside out.

At impact, Tom looks pretty good although his arms could be streched a little more.

After impact, Tom is slightly inside the plane. Usually, most tour players are outside the plane at this point but Tom’s club is slightly inside because he sorta swings more “around” himself. This is not a super bad thing but it can cause some really bad duck hooks at tiimes.

Finish is textbook for Tom as his body stands very tall and high.

Here’s Tom Pernice Jr.’s driver swing in slow-motion:

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Here’s Tom Pernice Jr.’s driver swing in action:

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Ben Hogan explains his Change to a Fade

Wednesday, June 25th, 2008

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In case you don’t know about Ben Hogan’s golfing career, Ben didn’t start winning a lot of tournaments until he started to “fade” the ball from left to right.


Ben Hogan was one of the worst “hookers” of the golf ball.  In this video, Ben explains his change to a “fade”.

Interview with Ryuji Imada

Monday, May 19th, 2008

Here’s a cool interview with Ryuji Imada about his yesterday’s win and his golf life after the jump:


Looking back at Ryuji Imada’s college golf!

Monday, May 19th, 2008

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Well, today I was going to do a swing analysis of yesterday’s AT&T PGA Tour winner, Ryuji Imada, but here’s a little look back into his college golf career.

Btw, Ryuji Imada won almost every AJGA tournament back when he was a junior and placed 2nd in the 1999 NCAA.  It’s amazing that it took him so long to win his 1st PGA Tour tournament.

My guess is that since he won one, he will keep winning a lot more of them, especially this year…