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Today’s Practice – 3 Jumbo Buckets!

Saturday, November 14th, 2009

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Well, today was a fun day, I went to the range TWICE. (2 different ones, the first one closed so I had to go to the other one which opens until 9PM)  The first time I hit 2 jumbo buckets for about 3 hours.

The second time, I hit 1 jumbo bucket and the range closed.  I guess I am addicted to golf again, well…

I think there’s about 150 balls in a jumbo bucket so I hit about 450 golf balls today, which is record for me for this year.  When I was a junior about 15 years old, I hit like 1000 balls each day.  Then again, quantity isn’t as important as quality in golf so… But it’s just so FUN to bang balls all day long. :P

If you are just learning to play golf, perhaps it might help to hit lots of balls.  If you are already scratch or better and you have found your swing, go play more than practice I guess…

Today, I was trying the same thing I was doing yesterday, building my own golf swing instead of copying someone else.

Today’s swing thoughts that helped me:

For knockdown shots, really let the hands loose and not much lower body is needed.  I found I hit better shots when I actually try to let the club swing and gravity rule.

For full shots, I really had to feel like getting my lower body started early, well…

Tomorrow will be another practice day and the day after, I can’t wait to go to the range again although I should be playing the course more often.

By the way, this is the first golf swing I took with my new Canon 7D camera, whad’ya think?