Where You the Right Elbow Go at Address?

by Max on Friday, April 23rd, 2010

Today, I realize one HUGE difference in the way I hit the ball at the range, simply by focusing on my right elbow at address.

Simply put it, make sure your right elbow is just slightly bent (happening naturally from relaxing your right elbow) before you swing the club.

What this does is makes sure that your whole swing (especially downswing) is set in motion for an inside-out swing.

Of course, also try to be aware of your right elbow during the swing, that will help you even further keep a steady, consistent swing radius throughout your swing.

With this new little trick, I am hitting the ball so much more square, every ball is getting off the clubhead like a rocket!

Plus, since I am hitting the ball even more accurately, I don’t have to swing hard at all and the ball goes farther.

One more note, I also tried swinging as if I was simply turning from a standing position, meaning I “turned”, not “rocked”.

Well, just writing my thoughts for today’s golf swing and remember that right elbow should be just ever so slightly bent that you consciously make a note of it before you hit that golf ball, that’s all.

By the way, this works throughout all types of shots including chips shots, pitch shots, and even putting!   What it does is keeps your mind from hitting outside-in, rather inside-out.

And most traditional golf instructors will actually tell you to do this but I found the “reasons” why today.

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