Tips for Improving the Follow Through of Your Golf Swing!

by Max on Friday, May 14th, 2010

(This was my follow through couple years back, one of the best ways to improve your follow through is to imagine the swing plane (as I have drawn the yellow line, and try swinging your body in sync with it.)

Today, I was at the range and had one of those “ah ha” moments.  Because I haven’t really played much golf up until recently around end of last year, I had failed to follow through correctly.

But, today I figured it out and got my swing back.

Here’s what I realized and some tips for improving your golf swing’s follow through.

Like I was telling you the other day you want to use images as swing thoughts, I want you to do the same except “vision” your hands, arms, and body following through toward your target.

When you do this correctly, your body should automatically turn to your left side and come up.  If your body doesn’t come up, that means you are probably not following through correctly.

After the follow through, you should arrive at a nice finish with most of your weight on the left foot for a full swing.

Also, one more thing, you want to feel “free” while doing this.  When you really free yourself of any tension during the follow-through, you will feel like you are actually swinging in an imaginary track formed by your swing plane.  This is because you are swinging correctly, with your body, and you are feeling the centripetal force pushing your arms, hands, and the golf club outwards towards the target.

If you can achieve this feeling, you will inevitably hit the ball more solid and consistently as I did today.

Well, that’s all for today folks, have a great weekend and I will tell you all about my round tomorrow.

P.S. Oh yeah, my chipping is awesome now, I kept it simple now getting everything within a foot!  If you haven’t practiced your short game (even though I haven’t wrote much on it lately), YOU SHOULD!!!

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3 Responses to “Tips for Improving the Follow Through of Your Golf Swing!”

  1. I look forward to all of your tips and videos. Informative, entertaining and not overwhelming. Great job.

    Keith Jarrell, PGA

  2. Junger Woods says:

    Great, thanks for visitin’ Keith, just tryin’ my best here, hope to make the PGA some day soon before I get too old. :)

  3. Gaudencio says:

    l wish l could make a good follow through like you,but l will certainly try to visualize or memorize your follow through. Thanks.

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