The Trigger Golf Grip!

by Max on Friday, May 13th, 2011

You know, I’ve had a ton of success with the trigger golf grip in the past and one of my previous swing teacher taught me this.  It’s also the same golf grip shared by Greg Norman and John Daly.

Although Greg Norman doesn’t mention it in his book, you can clearly tell in close-up photos that Greg Norman indeed used a trigger golf grip most of his career.

What’s a trigger golf grip?

Instead of placing your right thumb on the grip, you actually place your right hand a bit left of the grip so it wraps around the grip and touches your index finger.

Below are some photos explaining how to implement the trigger golf grip:

Above is a regular golf grip, where the right thumb is still on the golf grip.

Above shows a “trigger” golf grip where your thumb wraps around the golf club to touch your index finger.


From the side, you can see clearly my right thumb is touching my index finger.

Honestly, I’ve been using a conventional golf grip until today but I decided to go back to my old trigger golf grip and guess what happened.  I am hitting the golf ball way better and my right hand no longer is interfering.

Where can you use this golf grip?

You can use it for anything, I use it for even my pitch shots and chip shots because it take my right hand away completely from manipulating near impact.

If you have seen some high-speed photos of Fred Couples and Phil Mickelson, you probably know that their right hand (and Phil’s left hand) comes off the grip completely near impact.  Well, you don’t have to be Fred or Phil to do the same thing, you can just use this trigger golf grip.

If you don’t believe me, go grab a golf club right now and grip it with a conventional grip and see how much you can twist your golf club.

Then use the trigger golf grip and see how much you can twist your golf club, probably like 100 times less, exactly my point.

What this trigger golf grip will do?

The trigger golf grip will pretty much allow you to swing the golf club correctly through the impact with no manipulation with the right hand.

Why does conventional golf teach golfers to put the right thumb on the golf grip?

Even God doesn’t know the answer behind this but for 99% of golfers, using the trigger golf club will help them hit the golf ball better as it teaches them to swing the golf club without the right hand.

I told you about a week ago how to practice with the left arm.  Really, the left arm does your whole golf swing pretty much, the right arm/hands are just there for support and conventional grip is bad for that.

Try it, trigger grip can help fix hooks, slices, and add additional 20 yards to your golf swing.

Hey, if it works for me, Greg Norman, and John Daly, it must work!  And I am surprised not many golf teaching pros are teaching this more.


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5 Responses to “The Trigger Golf Grip!”

  1. Gaudencio says:

    l certainly will try this,because l have been flipping my right arm a lot and most often the ball goes right and even goes to the banker in shot pitch/chip shot. Thanks a lot. l will let you know.

  2. Scott says:

    This tip may have changed my life.

    I went to the range this morning and was bloody awful. I left feeling dejected, wondering why I even bother with this sport. Then I read this tip. I went back to the range this afternoon and tried the trigger grip. I’m not exaggerating when I say it was like someone flipped a switch. It really straightened out my shots, and they even SOUNDED different. The trigger grip feels a little funny after having my thumb on top all these years, but I’m sure it will be second nature in no time.

    Do you know how many lessons I’ve had, and nobody has ever mentioned this?? Thanks for the tip!

  3. Gaudencio says:

    Just want you to know or maybe l should ask you if you have seen in this Greenbrier PGA tournament. lt seems Dejong grip is similar to the one you describe. Try to take a look at it.Also l am trying to copy your weaker grip. Lately within a month l have switch to flatter swing and it seems to me l am hitting the ball better. l pracice this afternoon my wedge and 9 iron and l am surprise the ball is going straight . l hope this will last longer. l will let you.

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  5. rasel khan says:

    your resources are very benefited for us. thanks for sharing this great idea

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