The Right Frame of Mind for Perfecting Your Golf Swing!

by Max on Friday, November 20th, 2009

The other day I told you I have found my swing and that I was going to detail exactly how to accomplish an easy-to-use and simply golf swing.

Well, it turns out the as soon as I tried to find out exactly what I was doing, I kept having more trouble than ever.

I think the right frame of your mind is more important to “perfect” your swing, that is to try not “perfecting” it.

For example, I can hit the ball super solid with my irons, most of them hitting within yards of my target.  As soon as I get to my driver or 3 wood, my tendency is to pull 30-yards left of my target.

Now, here’s the question of the day, do you fight it so it will go to your target or just play the 30-yard pull-draw?

You could hit 1,000 balls fighting it or simply play your 30-yard pull-draw so long as it brings you consistent results.  (Sometimes, playing your “natural” shots might be the smartest option than fighting it.)

You see, a lot of people depend too much on imaginary lines and alignment to determine where they should be hitting the ball.  With golf, that’s only part of the equation to playing well and those lines do not help you on the golf course since a human body was never “designed” to hit a golf ball.  Thus, we must always fight our human body angles and make-up some sort of sense to our golf swing.  Golf teachers and alike try to devise concrete ways to teach the golf swing but in the end, I feel that those are only “guidelines” and ultimately, every golfer will have different swing based on their human anatomy.

In simple words, there’s a perfect swing for everyone but that cannot apply to everyone else.

Take my human anatomy makeup for example, my left shoulder is higher than my right, which in golf, means that I would have to align slightly more “right” of my target than other normal people with same shoulder height.

That’s only one of the oddities I have, my feet are also “flat-footed”, meaning they stay on the ground more than 99% of the population out there.

All these little things cause the “quirks” in my swing, they are so natural to me and sometimes, I cannot apply every swing technique the top pros use in the world.

No golf pro in the world can tell you exactly the right way you can swing unless they have gone to medical school and examined your whole body thoroughly for any abnormalities.

For most hackers, basic golf tips will help but for those like me who are trying to reach another level from scratch, things I’ve outlined here can make me or kill me.

So what?

You need to try different things to see if you strike the ball more solid and square that might be more “natural” to your anatomy.

Here’s some great ways to find your own golf swing and something I do to find my own golf swing:

  • First and foremost, you will want to find a golf grip that feels comfortable to you whether that’s weak or strong.  Try a weak grip, neutral grip, and a strong grip and see what feels most natural to you.  For most of you, a neutral grip will be the best (where the Vs point to your right shoulder).  For me, I use a neutral grip with my right hand slightly weaker with the V pointing at my chin or even my left shoulder.  This is also because I have a tendency to “flip” with my hands.  With a slightly weaker right hand grip, I find I can hit the golf ball super solid and straight.  Even Ben Hogan did something along the lines of this.  Important part here is to find your “comfortable” grip that lets you hit the ball straight and far. Too many golf pros tell you to use either neutral grip or strong grip, I think that starts a lot of unnatural golf movements.
  • After you find the grip, try different swing planes.  As a general rule of thumb, a strong grip will work best with more vertical swing planes (like Fred Couples) whereas a weak grip will work best with flatter swing planes (like Ben Hogan).  These are simply due to human anatomy, so please make sure to follow the guide as using strong grip on flatter plane will probably make you duck-hook every shot while using weak grip with a vertical swing plane will make you banana-slice every shot.  Grip and plane always go in sets, you must have the right swing plane for your grip, something most golfers don’t know.
  • Stance – Try narrow and wide stance, see what feels more comfortable to you.  I use a slightly narrower stance for my normal shots because I feel like I am in more balance.  You might feel the opposite though, try both and see which one works for you.   Remember, a perfect golf swing is the one that feels good to you, not one where you have to manipulate.

These are probably the 3 things you can experiment with to find a better way to strike the golf ball.  I just find that there’s too many traditional golf instructions out there but not many mention the fact that everyone has a different human make-up and a golf swing must be “custom-made” for each person.

Well, these are my golf tips for those of you who want to improve your shotmaking, I will regress myself from saying that I have ever found a “method” to swing but rather, there’s a way for you to find it yourself.

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2 Responses to “The Right Frame of Mind for Perfecting Your Golf Swing!”

  1. theoldcrock says:

    Hi Junger
    I totally agree about the mindset thing and we all have our own “quirks” in our body design but I'm a total believer in getting the most out of our bodies and you can't do that while they're tied up in knots. Warming up and stretching are very important and surprise most people when they do how much more distance they get when done properly.

    The Old Crock

  2. zedomax says:

    For sure, that's something I do also, warming up with 2 clubs, doing some stretching exercises, those are probably most important for preventing lower back problems in the first place, perhaps I will do a blog post on this, thanks!

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