Question from Robbin on Tempo Problem

by Max on Monday, November 14th, 2011

Robbin who is a 15 handicapper asked,

I still facing Tempo problem during down swing as intent to force all the way from peak of back swing to hitting the ball. That always give the bad shot and frustration.

Is there any swing thought to prevent this mistake.

Hi Robbin,

That’s a common problem for many golfers, believe me, that happens to everyone in golf at some point or another. The hardest part about golf is that you see the golf ball during your swing and all you want to do is whack it. Well, that’s going to cause a lot of problems as you will inevitably use your arms and hands to hit the golf ball, sometimes resulting in ugly fat shots and other problems I should not mention.

But there is a cure for this, there’s a bunch of them.

Here’s a few swing thoughts you might want to try Robbin:

  • Right before swinging the golf club, really look at the target once more and swing “through” toward your target.  In a good golf swing, you always swing the golf club at the target (which leads to good shots) rather than thinking about the golf ball.  The golf ball is just sitting in-between your backswing and your follow-through, you never have to actually try hitting it.
  • Watch pros play on TV, the pros have really good rhythms.  If you watch carefully, you will notice that every pro starts their downswing a bit slow then starts accelerating.  That’s the ideal tempo.  You always start a bit slow from the top of the swing then accelerate “through” the ball.  But you never stop at the golf ball, that will cause fat shots.  Try to copy their rhythm.  The more you watch the more naturally you will be able to copy their rhythm and correctly swing through on your downswing.
  • Think of the length of your follow-through on your downswing, don’t think about the ball.  This is what I do, I make sure the length of my follow-through is longer than my backswing.  This helps me accelerate through the golf ball and also not have to think of the golf ball.
  • Practice lots of short pitches around 50-100 yards.  These help you to really “feel” the correct rhythm, which should be very easy.  In fact, try replicating your short shots on your longer shots.  Once Butch Harmon told me, your full swing is only an exaggerated version of your chip shot.   Do not force your full swing, it should be easy when you let your club do the work.
  • On your next practice at the range, swing to the top of your swing, pause for a second, then start slowly accelerating through the golf ball until you finish (and don’t stop until your weight is fully on your left).  This will help you to get the correct feel and not rush your downswing.
Overall, I think your tempo problem lies in the fact that you think the end of your golf swing is at the golf ball, not after your follow-through on your finish.  A lot of problems can be fixed if you can finish your golf swing and hold it for 3 seconds.  Hope you try these tips and let me know if it helped you.

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