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by Max on Sunday, November 22nd, 2009

Couple weeks back I told you about how to learn and master the hip slide and turn.  Well, it turns out that the other day, I realized how to do it even more efficiently.  (And yes, I am coming close to mastering that)

The hip slide and turn is probably one of the most essential movements you will need for longer, full shots such as long irons and the woods.  In the shorter shots, I don’t think hip slide and turn is pronounced enough where it makes sense for you to be conscious of it.

Even for the longer clubs, the hip slide and turn “feels” very subtle, you don’t “jerk” your hips to slide and turn, you simply “bump” your hips to the left ever so slightly before starting your downswing. This little “bump” will start a chain reaction of events such as your hip sliding, turning and then the rest of your upper body following.

All through my life, I have thought too much of the hip slide and turn, probably overdoing it.  And whenever I did that, I would block my shots to the right because they would over-turn through downswing.

Well, the other day, I did find this, that the hip slide and turn is nothing but a slight bump that causes automatic chain reaction of events.  Even if you look at photos of top pros on their downswing, it might “look” like they are consciously forcing a big hip slide and turn.  But I think it’s not so, it should feel more of a slight “bump” to the left and that is all.  If you do anything more, you will bring more tension in the rest of your body, forcing you to hit the ball less solidly.

So, try it next time you go out to practice.  Try a little “bump” of the hips to the left just as you reach the top of your backswing.

I’ve found that when you do this right, your whole downswing becomes an “automatic” chain reaction and you start swinging down correctly without additional conscious though.

Also, your hands should feel super “light” throughout your golf swing when this is done right.  If your hands become stiff near impact, that probably means you’ve jerked your hips instead of bumping it a tiny bit.

Well, hope that helps for those of you working on this hip slide and turn move.  I find that this move is essential for preventing pulls and pullhooks.  The other day I was having this exact problem and good lord, I fixed it now!  Also, I might actually pursue my new golf swing theory soon so, will have pics up soon.

L8r, gotta go hit balls now!

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