Continuous Rhythm, Light Hands!

by Max on Friday, December 11th, 2009

Well, my swing has been getting better and better, thanks to continuous rhythm and light hands.  Today’s practice was a blast although there was a storm moving here into Northern California.  There was only one other guy at the range today and the range was closing rather early at 7pm.

Anyways, today I probably had one of the best swing days of my life (I know I say this often but my swing is getting better and better so…) and here’s some swing keys that helped me do that:

  • Hover the clubhead at address and feeling the weight of the golf clubhead.   This helps you feel the weight of your golf club before you start your golf swing plus you won’t be starting from a completely static position, helping you to get into action.  Jack Nicklaus used to do this on all his shots even on putting, I highly suggest you to do this too.  It can also be a good pre-swing move, sorta like a push forward with your hands.
  • At the top of my swing (actually it felt like I couldn’t distinguish between my backswing and downswing), my hands felt “weightless” or very light.  Also during transition, it felt so “smooth”, like butter.  To accomplish this rhythm, try waving your hands like a music conductor.  Oh yeah, that’s the feeling, smooth.

That was about it and I felt like my swing was simply an exaggerated version of my small chip/pitch shots.

Also, one more thing, if you start swinging badly, stop hitting full shots and hit very short 30 yard pitch shots.  To hit great 30 yard pitch shots, you will need to lighten your hands a lot and swing very smooth.  Once you can hit the ball really solid with your pitch shot rhythm, try it on your full shots.

Well, gotta go, I got a long weekend ahead of me although I still haven’t played a single round this year.  Gotta make money first then I should be on my way to PGA Tour baby!

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