Are You Being Too Anal?

by Max on Sunday, May 23rd, 2010

Yup, golf can become a bit too “anal”.  Even myself, I used to record my own swing like on everyday basis, trying to achieve a certain, magical swing plane that could get me to hit the ball consistently.

Even as of last couple weeks, I have been guilty of that, trying to swing on a magical plane while my inner-self told me to swing naturally.

A lot of times, golf can be harder because you try to be too logical and grasp a concrete theory.  But in the end, the truth is that golf has no standards, no real boundaries to abide by, those are really all set by human beings like you and me.

Of course, certain rules of human anatomy will be correct but in many instances, the golf swing that brings you the best results (not best looks) is the one you want to find.

Today, I am happy to announce that I’ve really found my swing, actually I’ve re-found what I used to do before.

For some reason, couple weeks ago, I became a bit fanatic with swing plane, trying to force myself to swing in a certain swing plane, just like Ben Hogan said, to imagine a pane of glass.   Sadly, that did work for most of my clubs except some days I hit the ball really good and some days, it was like I had no feel for my swing.

Yesterday was such a day.  I was hitting the ball so straight and long for the whole week before then I go practice at another practice range in another city, everything falls apart.  My golf swing felt literally like a mass of concrete that just started hardening.

Anyways, today I gave up everything about golf swing planes and try to really “free” myself.  Regardless of my swing plane, I told myself to make a backswing in which I used all my body together and one that felt strong.

All the sudden, I found my golf swing.

So, here’s the swing keys I reverse-engineered by making my body do what it really wanted:

1. First, my takeaway was different.  Before, I used to try to really “guide” (and force) my club onto my imaginary swing plane.   Now, I just turn my whole body to the right as if I was shaking hands with someone on the right.  This is actually how I swung many years before, I just happen to realize time again that it’s the “natural” way to swing.

From there, all I did was turn my shoulders and voila, everything else fell in place.

I used to do a practice drill, I even did a blog post on this.  I don’t know I keep forgetting, perhaps because I have been a bit too long away from golf.

Anyways, problem solved.  I am started to really shape my shots the way I want to.

The real secret to finding your own swing is to really try to let your natural instincts take over and just let it go.

I was so frustrated with last night’s practice that today I just let it go, let my body lead my golf swing.  The result was that I was able to actually find the “correct” and “natural” way for my body to swing.

I have to emphasize that it was correct and natural for me because everyone has different “natural” tendencies that could work to your advantage.

How to achieve this kind of wonderment?

It’s not that hard.  Just keep trying different moves.  When a certain move gives you better results, try to “reverse-engineer” what you are doing without really trying.   That’s the key.  When you let your body become the leader of your brain and body, you will ultimately learn that the best golf swing is already somewhere inside yourself, you just need to be patient and listen.

Well, I know I am being a bit abstract about all this but I hope you try it.  Next time you are having a tough time hitting the ball the way you want to, try just letting it go and see what your body does best.

Anyways, I am playing another round of golf tomorrow, wish me luck to break 75 for the first time this year.

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