#1 Rule to become a scratch golfer

by Max on Tuesday, September 4th, 2007

Yes, I am too sorry to say this, but there is #1 rule to becoming a scratch golfer:


Okay, that might sound a little harsh for you slightly weak folks but it’s true. You keep your grooves on you clubs fresh and you get nice backspins on your par 3s, and you can actually control your distance…

This might be the most simplest, but as long as you don’t have enough money to hire a caddy to do the work for you, you WILL clean your clubs after every nice shot, if you don’t, don’t blame me…

One thing I’ve notice many mini-tour players do is that they spit a lot (at their clubs) to clean off all the crappy dirt or anything that has embedded on the grooves after a hit.

Notice I didn’t emphasize a “good hit”. A good “hit” always has no dirt or anything coming in between the golf club and the ball. A pure golf ball is hit by the grooves on the golf club, not dirt or any type of big divot. A golf ball hit with control always has no divot.

If you ever noticed Tiger practice, you;d notice that his shots never have any type of divot. (On his BEST ones…)

Well, that is the secret of they day.

If you can figure out how to hit the golf ball without making a diviot and without making it sound “horrible,” you got the groove goin’.

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