1 Axis 1 Plane Golf Swing Coming Soon!

by Max on Wednesday, November 18th, 2009

Recently, I have been hitting the golf ball awfully well and I have developed a new type of golf swing that I termed “1 Axis 1 Plane” golf swing, which basically uses 1 axis and 1 plane.

The golf swing theory is one I have developed while studying pro golfers like Ben Hogan, Tiger Woods, and all those great players out there.

This 1 axis/1 plane golf swing will allow beginners/advanced golfers to hit the golf ball more consistently.

Can you imagine yourself hitting a 150-yard target over and over again for 20 straight balls?  This is the golf swing that will do that.

Well, I am just very excited because I have found this method from trial and error through practice but shortly I will post details on how you can develop this simple golf swing too.

Another bonus about this new golf swing is that it puts less strain on your lower back (meaning you will be able to keep using it even if you turn 100) AND you won’t have to bang thousands of balls to keep it consistent.

I have always realized that the best golf swing for an average golfer (and advanced golfers) is the one that uses minimal effort but allows you to hit the ball with near 100% efficiency.

And yes, all free on this blog, I am not going to sell some DVD or e-books like some of those other guys do. (who fill your mind with more junk anyways)

I just feel the golfing world is filled with too much junk such as “keeping the left arm straight” or “keep the head still”.  These too common golfing advices often lead to more tension in your golf swing and plus, they don’t actually help on the golf course, where you need to hit well under pressure.

I believe a golf swing should be effortless, pain-free, and best of all, don’t require some ridiculous golfing gadget to get it right.

Is this a new golf swing?

No, it’s not a new golf swing, it’s simply a golf swing theory using the most “simplest” and “efficient” ways to swing a golf club.  I just hope it will help you to swing the golf club better with less effort.

Well, I will post some simple exercises and photos on it soon!

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