My 7-Iron Knock-Down Shot!

by Max on Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009

Here’s an update on my re-entrance to pro circuit.  My latest swing…

Because I forgot to bring my HD camera, I took it with my SD750 then had to rotate the video 270 degrees when I got home, causing the video to get shorter and wider.  OOps.


Anyways, setup looks okay.


I’ve actually been working on a new “flatter” plane but this is fine.


At the top, you might notice my club “looks” to be laid off but it’s not because I am actually not swinging full.  The camera angle also messes things up a bit as I took it from the bench they had instead of using a tripod.


This looks good, this is where you transfer your weight to the left, turn the left hips out of the way and let your upper body follow.

Sorry folks about the bad video, I am getting a Canon DSLR 7d next week so should have a better video of my swing.

Btw, I am hitting the ball marvelous, I am actually not trying to watch myself in videos, I think it looks horrible. :p

Video of my latest swing:

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I don’t know why though but I’ve been getting a really nice “smack” sound when I hit the ball now, well, it’s a good thing I think…

Hahaha, check out some of these comments on YouTube (when I was playing golf like once a year), these guys must have no balls, I will take on any of them on the real course. :p

Also check out my swing from about the same spot almost 2 years ago. (FYI, I was swinging over the top….mostly because I didn’t practice much…)

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