Junger Woods – How to Hit Knock Down Shots!

by Max on Friday, May 30th, 2008

Well, here we go again, I got the golf buzz and had to go out hit some balls again…

Remember I showed you how to hit a knock down before? Here’s another lesson from another angle explaining more aspects of hitting a perfect knockdown.

This is an 8-iron knock down.

As you can see, at address, you chould have a nice “V” going and your hands relaxed. (Someone should be able to pull the club out easy…)

At takeaway, look how I have kept my “V” nicely in tact and back of my left wrist is pointing away from my body, meaning I’ve correctly turned away from the ball. (If your wrist if pointing down or up at the sky at this point, you will have problems…)

At top of my 3/4 swing, you can see my left arms still very straight (don’t force it though, it should be natural) and my hands cocked about 90 degrees, in perfect balance.

On the downswing, you can see I have kept the 90 degree angle between my left arm and the club. This is important (usually called “lag”) in order for you to hit the ball straight.

Right after impact, notice both my arms are extended out, forming a nice “V”. (This is the most important aspect of your swing, right here. If you can achieve this, you will be okay.)

More after impact, my arms are still extended and my club pointing at my target. This is almost a mirror copy of my takeaway.

At finish, my club and arms are slightly longer than my backswing. I hit this 8-iron knockdown straight flush about 150 yards at my target.

Now the key with knockdown shots is that you are not trying to hit it hard, you are trying to swing in “rhythm”. Rhythm is something that you must learn to “feel”. It may be vague and hard to acquire for some. Even me, it took me almost 10 years before I felt a real “rhythm”.

Rhythm can break you or make you.

Here’s the video:

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