How to Hit the Dreaded 30 Yard Pitch Shot!

by Max on Friday, June 6th, 2008

The dreaded 30 yard pitch shot? Does this remind of you when you are on the course and you have an easy 30 yard shot from the fairway to the pin and you either “thin” it or “chunk” it?

Well, the 30 yard pitch shot is nothing more than a mini-version of your swing but there are some key points you might want to take in so you don’t thin it or chunk it.

At address, you want to set up with the ball maybe slightly ahead of center as shown.

On the takeaway, notice how well I’ve turned my arms, hands and club together around my body. The most important thing to do on a short shot is to “rotate” the clubhead to the right so the clubface points away from you. (See you can see the whole clubface? This is a proof that you’ve rotated your clubface correctly otherwise you are probably doing it wrong.)

It’s the same thing with the full-swing too, we are just making a small swing but all the fundamentals still apply.

A great way to get this feeling is to take a mug full of water and try to turn it to the right without spilling the water. I will have more pics on how to rotate your clubface so stay tuned for that.

This is the top of my backswing for my 30 yard shot. Even though it looks like a lot of backswing, it’s really an easy and slow swing so the length of the backswing doesn’t really matter.

Right before impact, notice I’ve still kept my “lag” and also really important, notice that back of my left hand is still facing away from me. I want to keep it that way until the last minute to hit the ball super crisp and put that “hop and drop” spin on the ball.

Notice right after impact, my arms are extended well and back of my left hand has not broken down.

Most golfers who shoot 90s or more breakdown their left wrist at impact and this causes 99% of all thinned and chunked pitch shots.

For advanced golfers, note my right foot is still down. This is very important as you don’t need much lower body on short pitch shots. You need lower body stability to hit great crisp 30 yard pitch shots.

Most important part about hitting great 30 yard pitch shot is to RELAX YOUR HANDS during the whole mini-swing. Without soft hands, you will not hit the ball crisp and control the distance of your pitch shots.

Also swing SUPER-EASY. It’s only 30 yards, you don’t need to swing fast or hard.

If you want to get better at golf, I highly suggest you hit at least 30 balls on your next bucket of balls dedicated to this 30 yard pitch shot. It’s what I practice most and also I come back to this shot to fix my swing if my driver is off.

Here’s a 30 yard pitch shot in action with a Sand Wedge:

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Now, what you are really after when practicing this shot is to hit the ball super “crisp”.  Try to hear a nice “thud” on the ball at impact.  Try to take as small divots or no divots at all as you will get more control and spin on the ball.

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