Get “Stacked” and “Balanced”

September 10th, 2007

Download latest version of Flash to view video!. Click Here to View in Full Screen Mode I agree with getting “stacked” onto the ball but you shouldn’t have to do it un-naturally… Anyways, the drills shown in this vid might help you, but I think it’s too confusing…honestly… “Just grip and whack the ball” – […]

Today’s swing – The 7-iron 165 yard “Knock-down” Shot

September 10th, 2007

Download latest version of Flash to view video!. Click Here to View in Full Screen Mode It’s a nice little knockdown, my swing looks horrible by the way… but a great little tool for those pressure situations. A knock-down-shot is basically a slightly shorter backswing and shorter follow-through for distance and arc control. Arc is […]

Balanced Finish

September 9th, 2007

Here’s my 3 Wood swing. I can hit it about 250yards in the air with my 3+ wood. But take a look at the finish. The lower body is nice and straight. The upper body can be a little tilted but the main thing is that I am in balance. Today’s Tip: Try to make […]

Follow Through

September 9th, 2007

As you can see, the follow-through shown here is not too on-plane, but not too bad. (for playing golf for the first time in couple months…) Anyways, the ideal follow-through is the one that will meet that yellow line. (or the plane) This swing is actually going slightly outside-in, which was how I was hitting […]

Cigarette Swing

September 9th, 2007

This is not an accident that I have an unlit cigarette while hitting a golf ball. It’s actually a training tool. You don’t have use a cigarette, you can also use pens, anything that’s about 3-5 inches. What I’ve found that the cigarette does for me when I swing with it is that: 1. Keeps […]


September 9th, 2007

Here’s an example of going outside my plane. As discussed in the previous post about Tiger’s plane, it seems here that I am on my way to hitting the ball with a 50 yard slice here. This is what NOT to do…

The Simple Natural Golf Grip

September 9th, 2007

As mentioned in the previous post, you need to first have both of your hands opposing each other like shown in the picture above. (kinda like a prayer…) Then, simply just grip the club without twisting or unnecessary actions. WARNING: This grip is good for people with neutral golf swing, a natural golf swing.  If […]

Here’s my swing from last year

September 7th, 2007

Download latest version of Flash to view video!. Click Here to View in Full Screen Mode After college, I played in the mini-tours in Northern California called, Pepsi Tour. Basically you pay your $300 entry fee and if you win, you win like $1000 to $3000. Not a bad deal if you win most of […]

Hit the ball great today. Best Ball hitting day in 3 years! (I think…)

September 7th, 2007

I was kickin’ it at a driving range today for the first time in 3 months due to the fact that we were building the Bedzine Mattress Store and Keetsa Mattress Store. Anyways, I was at this really nice driving range (with nightlights yes!) near Sunset, San Francisco where I live. I swung the club […]

Jonathan Byrd in contention, well in the lead

September 6th, 2007

Although I’ve been so out of golf lately, I will try to come back starting with some TV. Well, haven’t watched TV in 2 years but maybe I will start watching some golf… Anways, check out Jonathan Byrd’s scorecard. Not flawless but 8 steady birdies kept him goin’ after that bogie on the 2nd hole. […]