A Good(Perfect) Swing is only a small fraction of the Real Game!

by Max on Saturday, October 31st, 2009

I  might emphasize a lot of swing mechanics on this blog as of lately but I don’t want you to get the wrong idea that just because your swing is perfect, you should expect/think you will score better on the course.

Golf is really mostly a mental game, just like  driving a race car is.  The moment you lose focus for 1 to 2 seconds might cost you a tournament or even a skins game.

For example, if you played video game golf, you would  have absolutely no reason to complain that your swing is bad other than your hand-eye coordication with the game controller is bad.

Trust me, video game golf, such as Wii Sports that comes with a golf game, can be helpful in learning the mental game of golf, where you must score more with your brain than your swing.

Once you reach scratch golfer status, more and more of the golf game will become a mental game for you, where you must beat yourself to keep making great scores one after another.  But this certainly doesn’t involve just a perfect swing.  A perfect swing can really only get you from point A to B when there’s no variation in elevation and wind but in reality, you will have to use your brains more to adjust your swing according to the environment.

That’s why I don’t want you to just work on your swing to hit the ball straight.   Instead, when working at the range, try to hit different shots, just like on the real course.  If the wind blows from right to left on that certain you are practicing, practice aiming 10-20 yards right of the target and working with the wind to land near your target.  These simple practices will pay off big when you actually have to deal with it on the real golf course, just don’t wait though as practice makes perfect.

Also, practice your putting often and your short game.  No major championship winner won without an amazing putting and shortgame.  Even Tiger, never hits that many greens in regulations, it’s usually his amazingly out-of-reality short game shots that win him tournaments.

You can score 66 with a bad swing and a good short game but you cannot with a good swing and a bad short game.  150 yard 8-iron full shot counts as much as your 30-yard chip shot.  Remember these tips the next time you practice and divide up your time among practicing various different shots, putting, short game, and of course, Wii Golf always helps to sharpen your mental game without hitting the real golf course.  I have actually been messing with Wii Tiger Woods 2010, let me tell you some results of what I think.

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