Vijay Singh Driver DL Swing Analysis

by Max on Friday, June 6th, 2008

Vijay Singh Driver DL Swing Analysis

Vijay Singh probably practices more than Tiger and that’s more than enough reason why Vijay has won so many tournaments.

Let’s look at his Driver swing down the line:

Vijay Singh Driver DL Swing Analysis

At takeaway, Vijay is in perfect plane.

At the top, Vijay does get slightly more upright and his clubface is actually pointing slightly at the sky, a slightly “shut”-face.  Vijay gets over this swing flaw by hitting lots and lots of balls.  And since he’s been doing it and won a Masters, we won’t tell him to change it now.

At half-way down, Vijay really “drops” his whole arms and club in order to get inside.  From his slightly upright and shut-clubface at the top, this is what he must do to hit the ball great.  It’s not a move recommended for anyone but you can still play great golf with it.

At impact, you can see Vijay’s lower back “very upright”.  This is perfectly fine and is most likely due to Vijay’s physical structure.  A lot of times in golf, some “moves” cannot be fixed as they are natural to the golfer and only to him/herself.

Vijay’s followthrough looks very good as always, his club ending up slightly outside the red plane, meaning he swun inside-out for a nice draw.

Vijay likes to keep the spine angle until the finish, which is probably bad for your back but we won’t push it.


Vijay has ingrained his own unique swing with a slightly shut clubface at the top and a slight “drop” action on the downswing to makeup for it.  I wouldn’t recommend anyone learning this, but if it comes natural to you and you hit the ball great one after another, I’d not change it.

In golf, “Don’t break what ain’t broke”, that’s probably most important thing to remember when you are shooting good scores.

Here’s Vijay Sing’s Driver in action:

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