Stuart Appleby Driver Swing Analysis

by Max on Monday, June 2nd, 2008

Stuart Appleby Driver Swing Analysis

Stuart Appleby has one of the most simplest swing in golf and he’s one of my favorite swings too.

The greatest thing about the Aussie’s swing is how “tall” he stand over the ball and during the swing too.

Let’s have a closer look.

Stuart Appleby Driver Swing Analysis

At takeaway, Stuart is slightly inside, but perfect.

At the top of his swing, check out how perfectly his grip lines with the red plane line, it’s picture perfect.

At half-way down, Stuart is slightly under the red plane line, meaning he’s going slightly inside-out, just perfect here too.  But notice how “upright his upper and lower body is.  (This is a really great trait for not hurting your back while swinging and a very natural way for you to swing.)

At impact, Stuart is dead on.

Notice that the shoulders, hands, and the clubface form a straight line?

That’s right folks, at impact, your hands are actually “straightened” by the force of your golf swing.  It’s natural effect and that’s why you need clubs that have a slightly higher degree of lie when you get your clubs fitted.   The lie of your clubface is different from address to impact, that’s something most golfers failed to realize.

Also note again how “tall” his body is, he almost looks like he’s swinging a baseball bat.  This is actually “ideal” and Stuart is one of the best at it.  (Annika does this well too…)

After impact, Stuart club can be seen slightly outside the red plane line, meaning he hit slightly inside-out, and a nice draw here.

I want to point out how “tall” Stuart stands not only at address but during his swing AND at finish.

I cannot think of another male golfer who can do this better than Stuart.  Even Tiger is not this good.

Of course, swing isn’t everything but when you average 16 out of 18 greens every round and hit almost every fairway, you will shoot near par more often than you should.

Here’s Stuart Appleby’s swing in action:

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