Seve Ballesteros Iron Swing Analysis

by Max on Wednesday, July 9th, 2008

Seve Ballesteros Iron Swing Analysis

Seve Ballesteros is probably the best all-time Spanish golfer until Sergio Garcia proves otherwise.

At his peak, Seve won everything.  At his downfall, Seve couldn’t even make cuts.

But the point is that he was one of the greatest golfers with one of the most creative imaginations.

It’s when he tried to perfect his swing that he got into trouble.

(If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!)

Now, if you carefully, Seve uses a “forward-press” by moving his weight forward before he begins.  This is actually a pretty good idea but not that many tour pros are using it lately.

At the top of Seve’s swing, he looks pretty good with his weight transferred to the right side.

After impact, Seve does a real good job of transferring weight to back to the left.

What Seve did good was not hit great perfect tee shots.  Actually, he hit them all over the place.

Seve was really good at hitting trouble shots out of the rough, tree, and etc…etc…

If he kept that going, he might have won 10 more majors but the swing mechanic bug hit him hard.

Here’s Seve Ballesteros Iron Swing at 1986 Masters:

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    Thank you. I miss Seve dearly. Golf is not the same without him.

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