Sergio Garcia in Slow Motion and Black and White

by Max on Monday, May 19th, 2008

Sergio Garcia in Slow Motion and Black and White

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Almost every top golfer I see that this feature.

It’s called the “triangle extension”, well that’s what I call it.

If you tape yourself and you can’t do this, it probably means you are not 100% efficient with your golf swing.

Even me, with 19 years of golf experience including junior golf, amateur golf, pro golf, and couple trophies here and there, can’t do this.

Golf is hard but the secret is here.

However you backswing, the result must look like this. A triangle with a full followthrough. It simply means that you didn’t manipulate your swing and you are putting 100% of your body power into the ball.

The great golfer in history of golf did this, Ben Hogan. He did it better than anyone, even Tiger.

Tiger was taught to copy Ben Hogan.

Now, how to do this?

Go grab a 10 pound piece of piping and swing it very slowly until you can feel your arms coming out of your arm sockets.

See if you can repeat that with a regular swing with a regular club.

Do this as often as you can until you can do it under pressure.

That’s my tip for today.

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