Matt Kuchar Swing Analysis

by Max on Sunday, June 1st, 2008

Matt Kuchar Swing Analysis

Here’s a swing analysis of Matt Kuchar, winner of the 1997 US Amateur.

At address, Matt has a good setup, pretty much like everyone else on the tour.

    * 2002 Honda Classic

At takeaway, Matt’s right arm breakdown quickly, and also his club is way too flat. He might be one of the “flattest” swingers on tour today.

At the top, you can clearly see how flat Matt’s swing is. This is even flatter or as flat as Ben Hogan’s swing.

Being flat can become a big problem for a golfer with a height of 6″ 4″. Most taller golfers (like Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods) opt for a higher swing plane.

Swinging this flat can cause shots blocked way to the right or pull-hooks during intense heat of golf.

    * 2002 Honda Classic

At impact, Matt is really “re-routing” his club to just get back to the ball.

Junger Woods Verdict

Matt needs to get a little more “upright” with his backswing, otherwise, he won’t win as many tournaments as he could and must keep relying on his deadly short game.

Matt Kuchar has only won 1 PGA Tour event since he turned pro, he should have won at least 3 or 4 by now.

His takeaway breaks down, swing is too flat, and this might be okay for him to stay on the tour but if he wants to keep winning, he needs a major swing overhaul and get on-plane like Tiger here.

Matt Kuchar’s swing in action:

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7 Responses to “Matt Kuchar Swing Analysis”

  1. David Fry says:

    He is obviously more successful than you. His swing is excellent if he has one on tour, how many times have you won on tour?

  2. Junger Woods says:

    It doesn’t matter how many times i’ve won on tour, what matters is that I am analyzing his swing from a perspective of another pro golfer, my advices can only help Matt Kuchar to better his swing. Remind me, when is the last time Matt won a PGA tournament? That’s right, I dont remember either.

  3. Bill Smith says:

    Don’t you realize that Kuchar is using the ‘One Plane Swing’?

  4. Where have you been. Check out Chris Connely or Jim Hardy. It is not flat if the shoulders turn on a steep angle. That is why his posture 30-45 degrees bent at address. You may see the arm position as flat but that alone a flat swing does not make. I am sick amd tired ob bad advice by so called experts. Do your homework.

    ps. How do you like his record now ??

  5. Brian says:

    How does that crow taste sir?

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