Justin Leonard Driver Swing Analysis

by Max on Sunday, June 8th, 2008

Justin Leonard has a great swing, let’s look at them in action.

At takeaway, Justin’s clubface blade is pointing up and he has rotated nicely away from the ball.

At top of his swing, Justin has moved over about 2-3 inches to his right and his left shoulder is over the inside of his right foot, meaning he did a very good weight transfer. Although you don’t need this much weight transfer, 2-3 inches don’t hurt either.

On the downswing, Justin rotates and shifts his hips nicely towards Vijay Singh behind him and has kept his lag.

At impact, notice how well Justin’s head stays down and how straight his left arm is.

After impact, you can see that the driver’s clubface blade is pointing up at the sky, both of Justin’s arms fully extended. Very good stuff.

Right before finish, look at how well extended Justin’s arms are. Ben Hogan used to do this and it’s not recommended but it’s good if you can naturally do this.

Here’s Justin Leonard’s driver swing in slow motion:

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