Swing Tips – Swing at your target, not the ball!

by Max on Wednesday, June 18th, 2008

Swing Tips - Swing at your target, not the ball!

Today, I had a chance to video tape the person behind me accidently. Here’s how he could be hitting the ball better.

As you can see in the above picture, his left arm and left hand breaks down after impact. This is a very no-no if you want to hit the ball straight and long.

Now the reason behind that a lot of golfer break down their arms after impact is because they are trying to hit the ball.

How to fix the problem?

It’s easy. Don’t try to hit the ball, try to swing through the ball at your target.

I actually try to hit the target with both of my arms, imagining the target in my mind, never the ball. The ball always comes in the way of the swing.

Swing Tips - Swing at your target, not the ball!

As you can see, my after impact position shows that both of my arms are fully extended after impact. This is the position you want to strive to.

Also note the yellow line and see how straight the point between my right elbow and the club? (That’s the secret. A full release means that even your wrists straighten out near and after impact. The wrists release upwards, not toward the target, this is something a lot of teachers and players do not tell you.)

Mind you, my swing isn’t perfect my any means but I am only pointing out the good parts. (and yes this 2-iron did go straight about 230 yards so I can’t complain)

Today’s Swing Thoughts

I really felt that my hands were soft throughout my swing, meaning I felt like swinging real easy.

To get this feeling, try to maintain the same amount of grip pressure during your whole swing, whether you grip it at level 2 or level 5.

I also really felt like really swinging through the “after-impact” position shown above. That’s actually my swing thought, the image of both of my arms fully extended and released after impact. The lower body must support your upper body so don’t forget the lower body action either.

Now here’s the video in action.

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2 Responses to “Swing Tips – Swing at your target, not the ball!”

  1. Tom says:

    Hi Max,

    I just stumbled across your site doing a google for the release. I would like to know more about how the writs release up. Can you share that with me? I have never heard about this before.



  2. Junger Woods says:

    Hi Tom,

    Sure, thanks for visitin’ btw.

    The wrists actually do release upwards and away from you.

    If you think carefully, this is a natural movement because of the centrifugal force applied during the swing, your wrists have to hinge upwards ever so slightly at impact, you can’t really help it unless you grip the club super hard, then you will probably not hit the ball good.

    Not that many teachers will talk about this because most people have hard time just hitting the ball, let alone think about that too.

    But this is actually true and that is why most pros get their clubs fitted slightly higher “lie” because your club will raise it’s angle by 1 or 2 degrees. If you get your club fitted so the lie is the same as at address, your clubhead’s toe will actually dig into the ground when you actually hit the ball. This is the number one reason that pros put tape on your club when you get your clubs fitted.

    Aside from all the technicalities, it’s a natural movement, you need to relax your hands and swing away, it should happen naturally.

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