How to Hit a 15 Yard Pitch Shot with a 60 Degree Wedge!

by Max on Friday, June 6th, 2008

How to Hit a 15 Yard Pitch Shot with a 60 Degree Wedge!

Here’s a 15 yard pitch shot that you will get to use very often to save strokes around the green. For this shot, you will want to use a 60 degree lob wedge with no bounce. (Yes, try to get a lob wedge with no bounce)

For setup, it’s same as a full shot or a 30 yard pitch shot. A lot of teachers will teach you to open up the stance or the clubface but in my 20 years experience trying that and this, your ball will roll true after landing when you setup to the ball square. (The red dot is where I will try to land the ball?)

Advanced Tip: You can open the clubface and try to “trap” the ball by almost coming over the top, which can give you a super low ball flight + “hop and drop” spin action even on this small 15 yard pitch shot. Do not open your stance though.

Trust me, I was once the master of flob shots. Even me, I can hit the same shot with an open stance but I don’t do that unless I am trying to hit a flob shot.

The backswing pretty much is a simple wrist cock since I don’t need much backswing here. But do NOTICE that my clubhead blade is pointing straight up at the sky. This is important if you want to hit the ball crisp.

Impact is almost an identical copy of my address. This shot requires not much action but to keep steady and keep your hands very soft.

Notice at followthrough my arms are well extended and my club is pointing at my target, and you see my ball going at my target too.

This shot can be a great arsenal in your bag if done right. Plus, this shot also can put a little “hop and drop” action from a clean lie provided you hit the ball nice and crisp.

Practice this a lot and you will save lots of strokes the next time you play.

Here’s the 15 yard pitch in action:

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